Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boys can be nice - if they want

So I got to go home (Purdue home), as an alumni this time, for homecoming and had quite the experience. Saw lots of great friends, went to an incredible Lee Brice and Luke Bryan concert that was extremely entertaining (with some unexpected twists), had great seats to watch my Boilers upset a ranked team and went to a Women of Wesley event that got crashed by the boys.
Now the story behind this is due to FaceBook always switching things up, my friend Erica had to make the event off of the general Wesley Foundation group page which accidently invited all the boys as well. This obviously couldn't happen because this movie night had some business to it as the women began planning for their WOW holiday dinner which is always top secret from the boys. So they were uninvited and I guess some feelings got hurt. Since the location and time had been disclosed, we were an easy target for this ambush. But we were all pleasantly surprised when it came in this fashion rather than a silly, immature prank. I love it and miss it when these boys go just a little bit out of their way to make us girls feel special! Well done boys, well done!
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blue Like Jazz

So I borrowed the book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller from Purdue's Wesley Foundation at the end of the semester last year and I will be returning it this weekend after finally reading it. I actually have two chapters left that I have to get read on the plane tomorrow night on my way back to Purdue for homecoming this weekend.

It is a really, really good book that I think anybody who claims to be a Christain should at least take a peek at. It basically focuses on what Christian spirituality looks like compared to organized religion in a very funny, non-judgemental, witty and personal way through the author's life. My mom picked it up when she was out here this last weekend and was almost half way through it before they left for Indiana again.

It can make you uncomfortable as he tackels the major issues of worship, love, romance, community and money. How do these different areas reflect in a spiritual context and what has 'the church' morphed them into? And I don't mean like morphed in a bad context, just how have our human interpretations of the Bible or religious traditions made them to be today? He never points fingers or says one way is the right way, just that you have to find what clicks for you. Which is something I have always thought and said about individuals claiming one demonination over another is that you have to do what is right for your own faith journey, walk, path, relationship or whatever you want to call it with God while not judging others. Overall searching and seeking a pure truth.

Ok - that's my plug for this book. I'm eager to read the last few chapters and see how he wraps it up :) But go borrow, check-out, buy or download it! Definitely a great book - an entertaining and thought-provoking read!

PS - I googled it to find a picture of the book and apparently it has been made into a movie! Huh? Looks like I'll have to add that to my list of movies to see :)

Night y'all!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Little Bit of Life"

Who doesn't love some Craig Morgan? Well, since it has been forever since I've blogged, I thought I'd catch everyone up in small installments and try to go in sequential order.

As many of you know, my grandmother wasn't doing well and passed away August 24th. Her last three weeks were spent either in ICU or hospice and were not very pretty. My mom and dad were visiting her up to three times a day during that time. She was ready to go and it was a relief that she finally passed peacefully.

Death is a part of life, but it still hurts as our "human" side misses the loss. My brother, Ben, actually officiated the service and his whole theme was explaining why we mourn so much because death wasn't part of God's original plan. I was so proud of him that he used this difficult moment to minister and teach to our family and friends. I couldn't believe what a great job he did! Grandma asked specifically for Ben to officiate the service and I know she was very proud!

Thanks for everything Grandma, I love you and will miss you!

Martha L. Cassiday

Dec. 25, 1918 - Aug. 24, 2011

ANDERSON, Ind. — Martha L. Cassiday, 92, of Anderson, passed away Aug. 24, 2011, at Saint John’s Medical Center  in Anderson.

She was born Dec. 25, 1918, to the late William and Elizabeth Reeves in Rush County.

She retired from the Farmers Home Administration of Henry County and was  active in NARFE and the Southdale Tower Cabinet. She was a member of Wilkinson Church of Christ and more recently attended First United Methodist Church of Anderson.

Survivors include a daughter, Ruth Anne (Curt) Pittinger of Richmond; a son, Richard (Dorinda) Cassiday of Anderson; grandchildren, Timothy Pittinger, Tina Landis, Benjamin (Eva) Cassiday and Brittania Cassiday; four great-grandchildren; two sisters, Mary Ruth Strain and Dorcus Canary; and several nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her husband, James Raymond Cassiday; and sister, Katherine Bombaugh.

Services officiated by Benjamin Cassiday will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Condo and Son Funeral Home, Wilkinson. Burial will follow in Center Cemetery near Mays in Rush County.

Visitation will be from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

100th Post for Matt Doyle!

Just over two years ago - I set out on the adventure of a life-time. Well, actually the adventure of 2009. I decided I would take some time and journal/write about it on here and have attempted to keep up with it since.

With my recent venture to PA, I spent a few days working at a dealership to get a feel for what it would be like to be one of our dealers. Specifically, I was supposed to be working with parts, but I did a little bit of everything while I was there.

The parts and service manager, Matt Doyle, was super nice and friendly and put up with all of my questions. He was such a nice guy and I figured I would use what little awareness I have on here to help promote his art. He is just 24 years-old, a few months older than me, went to fine arts school and I'm sure would love to take his passion further to make it a career.

So check out his stuff - I'm going to order a print or two so you should too! I'm sure he would work with you as well if you would like something done as an original.

Thanks for all of your help Matt and best of luck!

"Dancing in the Moonlight" 

"On the Prowl"

"The Canadian Collection"

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Beautiful Things"

I would much rather muse about my past few weeks and sit outside on my patio and enjoy the sunset than do my laundry or dishes. Life is just such a beautiful thing! God's creation is such a beautiful piece of art! And where life takes you - well that's the trip.

This past week I spent in Pennsylvania. PA is a state that I have only driven through just barely going out to DC, so I believe that makes my count on states visited 41/50! Sorry dad, that isn't a fraction that will reduce. (He is a math teacher fyi.)

Sunset at the Park where the ATV event was at that I worked
I was able to see some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Driving through actual mountains covered with trees and alongside small creeks with old homesteads scattered throughout the land, was truly a breathtaking experience. Not to mention the deer, the fields that were about ready to harvest and the sky is gorgeous wherever you go. Even back here in Kansas as you can see from my shot from my balcony.
KC sunset from my balcony
My grandmother is currently in hospice, but holding stable to the point where they might move her into a nursing home hospice situation. It is at times like this that make you sit and re-evaluate your life and determine or re-determine what is important to you. What makes your life beautiful?

I have made a point to spend the last 5 or so New Year's Eves with her. Our big night would include some card games and puzzles and of course watching the ball drop! It always took me back to when I was younger and she would babysit for my brother and me while my parents got one of their few date nights a year with their best friends. She has always been such a great role model - lived a simple, yet content life. I will always look up to her for that. Her favorite prayer was "Grant me peace and contentment." With all the big dreams that I have going through my head at one time, remembering that helps to keep me grounded.

So enjoy every beautiful thing. From the human life of the new person you just met, to the beauty that nature beholds for us to the opportunities that we are blessed with everyday - remember it is all BEAUTIFUL!

Great song to ponder to:
"Beautiful Things" - Gungor

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Too Good Not to Share

My mom sent me this picture after a storm blew through this afternoon and after a weekend that didn't go quite as planned, it brought a smile to my face. I miss him a lot, but I know this is a time of growth for me and I know God is with me every step of the way. I've been seeing my yellow and black butterfly recently which has been another added reassurance. Soon my dog Chloe will be out here with me so she'll help keep me company.
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Epic Trip Follow-Up!

So I knew going into this trip, it was going to be of epic proportions! Well it was! I got upgraded with my rental (still don't know why) to a 2012 Mustang! That thing was sweet! You know, I've always thought a sports car was not very practical; gas milage isn't that great and there isn't much room in them. Well, I stand corrected on one part - I got great milage in that thing! Like almost averaging 28 mpg! Being a small person, there was plenty of room for me - so while I'm still living alone, a sports car is totally practical :) Gerdie, my Buick, will have to do in the mean time though because I understand I do need to be somewhat practical about it and not go into debt when I still have a working car. You know, be grateful for what you have.

I saw a bunch of good friends from high school, college and 4-H. Which was great because I haven't really had the chance to make too many out here yet besides through work. As great as it is to go back, it makes me miss it soooooo much! School and showing! But I have a couple of good leads on some different barns around the area, so I'm hoping one of those will work out.

My dealer visits went great and so far the feedback I've given back has been well received and I really think this project is going to turn out pretty well! I also got a couple of movies in, Harry Potter VII part II for the second time and Captain America. Both were great!

At least I won't be alone this week - I have two little new best friends! Sterling and Madison! they are two little Yorkies that I'm dog-sitting for a friend who is on vacation :) I'm pretty excited about it. They are pretty cute :) 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Super Pumped

Tomorrow morning I will embark upon an epic week composed of dealer visits, some Purdue time, Henry County Fair and catching up with friends all along the way! Phew!

Life is good! Super busy, but good. Still working on making new friends through a couple different venues but I enjoy living by myself - so much freedom!

One of my favorite quotes from the new Harry Potter movie.
Harry: "Is this all made up on my head?"
Dumbledore: "Of course this is all in your head Harry. But that doesn't mean it isn't real!"

So dream away my friends. Afterall, everything has to be 'made-up' to begin with from someone. ;)
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Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby You're a Firework!

I have Katy Pery rattling around in my head, can you tell? I can hear fireworks, but I can't see them from my apartment :( But.... I'm sure I'll be seeing plenty of fireworks over the weekend! I'm heading down to Wichita to see some of my family and to see the newest edition to the clan!

Just a quick catch-up from this last week. Work is going just swell. Today was my first pay-day and it is a 3-day weekend, so I'm doing pretty well! The marketing rep that has been cross-training me had her last day on Thursday, so I'm a little baby bird kicked out of the nest and forced to fly! Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but she has been wonderful and I'm very appreciative.

A few notables:
Monday - I went to a new young adult small group bible study. It went really well and I think I might have found a good church to start going to.
Tuesday - I went wake-boarding for the first time with my co-workers. I'm still sore 3/4 days later! It was wicked fun though!
Wednesday - I did absolutely nothing! I attempted to recover and stayed on my couch most of the night.
Thursday - "Hot Summer Nights,"is a concert series that goes on downtown KC and I headed down there with the other reps, interns and a few other co-workers. And it was hot! Literally! But still fun. Band Perry was playing and they were a lot of fun.

Well, thanks for checking in. Here are some Youtube videos that sum up my week as well:
"I Lift My Hands" Chris Tomlin
Wake-boarding wipeouts (None of those were me, although I probably looked like a few of those.)
"If I Die Young" Band Perry
"Firework" Glee/Katy Perry (I like the Glee version, especially after seeing them live!)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Whole New World

This title is appropriate for all sorts of reasons.
1 - The obvious one of me graduating, moving three states away and getting my first job.
2 - I'm making a new little home, even cooking for myself. I promise pictures of the apartment soon to come.
3 - That was the sermon title of the sermon I listened to this morning.

The Church of the Resurrection is a huge United Methodist Church with a couple different locations around southern and western KC. While I got up in plenty of time to go to church in person, time has this funny trick of disappearing and I didn't want to show up late, so I "tuned-in" online. I was really impressed with the live-stream and even more impressed with the sermon itself.

Rev. Adam Hamilton, pulled out three main points from the movie Aladdin and showed how the gospel can be seen through them.

1 - The first point he talked about was how God sees us for the "diamond in the roughs" that we are. Obviously Aladdin went from a "street-rat" to a prince, inside and out. God chose the most unlikely people throughout the Bible to carry out his works. Moses, Samuel's youngest son, the woman at the well and even the rag-tag team of disciples that Jesus chose are just a few of the examples.

2- The second point was living your life in a balance of piety and outward signs of living for Christ. BE YOURSELF. Be true to who you are and more importantly who God has made you to be. Aladdin was posing as a pompous prince, while Jasmine fell in love with the real Aladdin, not "Prince Al." He expanded and talked about how we should not do what we do as a Christian to impress anyone, but to impact others. So make an impact people!

3 - Lastly he asked us how we would spend our third wish. Aladdin stayed true to a promise he made to the Genie and set him free while he thought he was giving up his chance to have his "happily ever after." What a sacrifice! Hm? Sound familiar? Enough said for point number three.

So, needless to say, I totally dug this guy and I'm looking forward to visiting in person next week as the Disney preaching series continues. Here is the link to the sermon online, I noticed it wasn't up yet, but hopefully it will be soon. Aladdin sermon!

I'd also like to thank Joyce Hooker from Knightstown, Indiana for her submission to "The Taste of Home Cookbook." I used her recipe for Broccoli Chicken Roll-Ups for inspiration and made my own little twist on probable the closet to gourmet meal I have ever made!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Not to Say to Kids

I promise to get some pictures up soon of the new place. It is so cute and I love everything about it now! Plus, this "clean-freak" stage might not stay too long ;)

Tonight after work I had the chance to venture a little deeper into the complex and check out the basketball court. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it has all of the needed components :) There were two boys and their dad shooting around a bit and I asked if I could join. I was hardly hitting anything it seemed, but that was ok, it was just nice to get out.

The father then went into this spiel telling his boys, "If anyone ever tries to tell you playing sports is not about winning, then they're wrong." He continued on saying, "Why would you practice and train so hard if it wasn't to win? Don't let anyone ever tell you different." "Pain goes away. If you get hurt and you're not dead or have a concussion, then keep playing. Physical pain goes away, but the emotional pain of losing doesn't."

My heart just sank as the two boys ate up every word and agreed with him and started to repeat back what their dad had said to them, "That's right Papa!" I wish I had the courage to go against him to his face, but I just ignored him and then had some time with the kids later.

Later I was just playing with the kids after the dad had left and learned that they were just 6 and 7-years-old. They were so sweet and then their little brother who had to be like 2 introduced himself with a handshake and we played for awhile after that. I just wanted to tell them that their dad he was so wrong. Sports are GAMES! They should be for fun! Organized sports can teach you discipline, teamwork and dedication, but it is still a GAME

I wondered what my good friend Mr. Tony Dungy had to say on this matter, so I acquired a few quotes:

"God’s definition of success is really one of significance – the significant difference our lives can make in the lives of others."
"Football is a vocation and an opportunity for ministry.  But it’s not a life."

So then I stumbled across this great quote that actually goes exactly along with a conversation I had last night at the Kansas City Royal's baseball game, "Winning is overrated.  The only time it is really important is in surgery and war." Al McGuire. 

I literally just had this conversation with a friend while watching the game. We enjoy sports, but they are not life and death like our troops are facing right now or the miracles that doctors perform everyday for people's loved ones.

Ok, I have ranted long enough! While my little time out on the playground angered me, the boys were so sweet and innocent and I hope my positive outlook and just playing with them made some small impact. I think I did because as they were leaving the boy yelled goodbye across the yard to me :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disney World to the Real World!

This past month has been CraZy! From walking across the stage in Elliot Hall to receive my degree, to meeting Mickey Mouse and venturing through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to starting my first, full-time job! Phew! So I don't think everything has fully sunk in yet, but it has sure been fun along the way.

This is my first weekend in Kansas and since I'm just taking it easy and trying to "decompress" as one of my co-workers suggested to do this weekend, I figured I'd post a few pictures and memories of the past month!
After 5 years of walking around the bell tower and never going under it, graduation was finally the day to walk under it for the first time!

M-I-C. K-E-Y. M-O-U-S-E!!!!!! And Minnie :)
Hogwarts Castle! No words to describe how excited I was to be in Harry Potter World!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"There will be a Day"

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Jeremy Camp song, "There will be a Day," but just as I was sitting down to blog about today, that is what popped in my head.

I spent the day up North, past Ft. Wayne for a really good college friend's mom's funeral. She passed away Friday evening after a hard battle with cancer. It was truly a celebration of her life and I overall witnessed passed the human sorrow of losing a loved one, an atmosphere that was light and energetic as we remembered this remarkable woman.

I still cried like a baby through parts of the service for different reasons:
1- I felt sorrow for my friend. He has been there for me through some of the toughest things I have faced in my young-life so far and he was losing his mother at such a young age.
2- I was thinking, "What if that were my mom?" My mom and I have grown through the "parent-child" relationship and into the "best-friend" relationship and I couldn't imagine doing things in my future like planning a wedding someday without her.
3 - I HATE CANCER! I have known too many people either personally or who have had loved ones been affected by this selfish disease.

Again, the service was about a celebration and Bonnie wanted it that way and told one of the ministers to use her funeral as an opportunity to teach to those attending so that they might grow deeper in their faiths. To have belief, and what one of the ministers referred to more adequately as trust, in the gracious gift God gave us through Jesus Christ - Eternal Life! Can I get a hallelujah?

So I think that is why the Jeremy Camp song popped into my head, for there will indeed be a day with no more tears, no more pain and no more fear! There will be a day when the burdens of this place, will be no more and we'll see Jesus face to face.  Thank you Bonnie for giving me such wonderful friend in your son. I know you are continuing to love your husband, children and family in a much better place and that indeed you have seen Jesus now face to face!

Monday, May 2, 2011


The recent world news had some great timing - right before finals! Thanks! Honestly, the world happenings concern/worry me more than my finals. While yes, Bin Laden led an extremist group, I can't help but worry about what fighting hate with hate will do. I appreciated the Facebook posts last night that expressed unease, those that would not celebrate in the death of someone and the various postings out of the book of Ezekiel:

‎"Say to them, 'As I live, declares the Lord God, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live; turn back, turn back from your evil ways...'" Ezekiel 33:11

For I take no pleasure in the death of anyone, declares the Sovereign LORD. Repent and live! Ezekiel 18:32

Don't get me wrong - I love AMERICA! I love what it stands for and I am terribly grateful for those serving for my country - for me!

I suppose being on a huge campus with people from all over the world, and probably through the help of my friends who have some great worldly perspectives, my eyes have been opened to a bit more beyond these wonderful shores of ours. Yesterday at the Wesley Foundation at Purdue, we dedicated a peace pole that sits outside our building. This pole has a message of peace written on it in all different languages. We have been recently reaching out to other religions and have had some great interactions with both Muslims and Jews. Yesterday was just the same. Someone offered a traditional Muslim prayer asking for peace and we ended the dedication singing a Jewish song for peace. Again, talk about timing?

The idea of peace has been resurfacing in my life a lot recently. My last post I talked about the words of my grandmother and how they impacted me during this time of transition for me - "Grant me Peace and Contentment," has been her daily prayer all her life. Also yesterday at the last Wesley service, Pastor Lana preached on peace while "Rethinking Evangelism." Evangelism is not always necessarily standing on the street corner holding signs or going out on trips to bring people to Christ. Lots of HORRIBLE things have been done in the name of Evangelism that I, as a Christian, disagree with.

"The Gospel in one word is Love," is a lyric from a song my dad used to sing when leading various worship services. "Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love. Love. Love." I wish the world would unite in singing this as a round together. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic or whatever - at least practice peace and love. While I personally believe it comes from God and the ultimate form of love was shown through Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for anyone who will accept it, right now, I'd just settle for a little love.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grant me Peace and Contentment

I'm sitting in my room, evening of Easter Sunday, 3 weeks before I graduate college and make the biggest transition ever in my life. I find it ironic that I'm surrounded by memorabilia of my youth right now.
My accomplishments: Horse show rosettes, ribbons, plaques, certificates, belt buckles, high school letter jacket.
Items of interest of mine: My English show saddle, my guitar and books.
Sentimental items: Stuffed animals, portraits, pictures and poems.

These next few weeks I know are going to fly by so I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on life. When I went to my bookshelf to read a book for a bit before I went to sleep, I found a book that I gave to my Grandma when I graduated high school that was filled with "blank memories" for her to fill out and then give back to me. Right now my grandma is in a rehab facility since she was in the hospital for over a week last month. She is 92 and has a heart of a 40 year-old. Unfortunately, the rest of her body is 92.

Reading through it there are some cute stories about her parents and her life on the farm. I asked my parents as we were driving down to Lexington this weekend to see my brother and sister-in-law for Easter why I was so horse crazy? Mom replied, "It is in your genes." I realize now it was not only my mom who passed on what some may say "the disease," but apparently my grandma was quite fond of these four-legged creatures as well. She was born in 1918, and that is how she farmed when she was little. She said one of her favorite memories was delivering water to the workers in the field with her pony and cart :) I wish photography was as easy back then as it is now - that would have been adorable!

When asked what her favorite Bible verse or memory from church was she wrote down, "Grant me Peace and Contentment." That is indeed how she lived her live. Humble, ever since her farm background, clear until today. She took everything in life in stride, never doubted or pouted about her situation and moved on through. It makes complete sense why this simple little prayer meant so much to her in her life. She grew up on a farm - a very practical upbringing. My grandpa served 4 years, 4 months and 21 days (she kept track) in the United States Army during World War II. She then raised two children on a farm. She found happiness in life itself rather than in possessions or events. She described the happiest memory of her life was when Ray (my grandpa) got out of the service and they started farming together.

So while I'm embarking on this next step, and dreaming about what my life is going to be like and how I'm going to get there, I thank Grandma Martha for reminding me to humble myself a bit, relax, be practical and ask God for peace and contentment, because only then can I be truly satisfied.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


BEAUTIFUL day! The sun was out, wind was calm and the temp was around 55! I had to get out and enjoy the day somehow. A student walking by with a Camp Tecumseh sweatshirt answered my prayers! He inspired me to take a quick afternoon trip out to camp and take a ride!

I had a long day yesterday, intense Bible study and then a friend had some bad news about his mom's health so this ride was just what I needed! And Bubbi (a bay Arabian/Saddlebred cross) was just the ticket. He hadn't been ridden since the Fall, not used at all during trail rides and due to his breeding, is slightly ADD. But he's gorgeous and super friendly (he practically came to me in the pasture) and did really well. He's super fancy too in the ring and a really cute jumper and he's FOR SALE!!!! I'd be tempted myself, but I can't buy a horse right now. He'd make a great pet, has packed around campers since 2007 but deserves a chance to show his stuff. 

Back to the ride - On this great snow-covered trail by the river, I saw a deer, flying swans overhead and plenty of squirrels and shared with Mary Anne who is always a pleasure to be around! Pretty much magical and worth staying up late to finish my grading and forcing me to get up early in the morning to finish things for the day.

Welp, that's it - I'm trying to blog more so hopefully y'all will be more entertained!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Idea

So - I know this is going to sound funny because I have been neglecting this blog so much, but I want to write a book. This is not a new idea for me. I don't really care about being on any sort of bestseller list or anything like that, but the accomplishment of telling a story would be something pretty sweet!

The first major problem though is deciding what to write about. Fiction? Non-Fiction? Romance? Comedy? Religious? Then, what kind of book? Novel? Diary? Collection of poems or random entries?

Well I thought about turning my college career and a lot of what I write in these blogs into a book, but didn't really like that idea because while I love the life I live, to me, it can be boring at times. I've been re-reading the Harry Potter books and am in awe of Rowling's ability to develop a whole new world and I just don't think my brain works like that.

I think what I am best at is telling stories that are real and have happened, and I think I'll be most passionate about topics that are near to me. So I would like to thank a fellow Mortar Board member for helping to inspire this idea I'm about to propose. He came into the meeting all dressed up and said that he was visiting the school where he'll be student teaching at. Then he talked about how cold it was today and relating back to the teaching theme, I told him that my parents had a two-hour delay today because of the cold. He was interested in the fact that my parents were teachers and then I got all mushy telling him how they have taught at the same small-town high school for over 30 years now together.

Eh? You see where I'm going with this? Seems simple - a midwestern couple, teaching at a small-town school, had two children and are active in a local church. But maybe being their daughter I can show how truly incredible those statements are?! Not only do they live together, they work together! There is not a whole lot of separation if they get on one another's nerves. And the cherry on top of it all - they are going to a marriage conference this weekend just because! How stinking cute?

Valentines Day can be something beautiful for people or can be extremely depressing. At the moment I'm playing Katy Perry's "Firework" on repeat while writing this to give myself a little morale boost! I got the idea from the latest episode of Glee where Rachel realizes she doesn't need Phin anymore. Now don't get worried, I'm not going to be a Valentines hater, down a six-pack on Monday in woe due to my misery of being single since like forever. I'm just boosting my ego a bit - a little 'mood-management.' I've learned in my communication class recently that it is a proven theory as people select what kind of music to listen to in order to alter their mood to a more favorable state. In the most humble way possible, I know I'm awesome but just need reminded of it from time to time. Thanks Katy!

Ok - rant on Valentines was to say I've been thinking a lot about love recently and what that little, yet oh so powerful word is and what it means. And I'm blessed to have been a close witness to a marriage filled with every sense of the word. So here's to you mom and dad! Hope you don't mind being putting on the spot but y'all mean a lot to me!