Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blue Like Jazz

So I borrowed the book Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller from Purdue's Wesley Foundation at the end of the semester last year and I will be returning it this weekend after finally reading it. I actually have two chapters left that I have to get read on the plane tomorrow night on my way back to Purdue for homecoming this weekend.

It is a really, really good book that I think anybody who claims to be a Christain should at least take a peek at. It basically focuses on what Christian spirituality looks like compared to organized religion in a very funny, non-judgemental, witty and personal way through the author's life. My mom picked it up when she was out here this last weekend and was almost half way through it before they left for Indiana again.

It can make you uncomfortable as he tackels the major issues of worship, love, romance, community and money. How do these different areas reflect in a spiritual context and what has 'the church' morphed them into? And I don't mean like morphed in a bad context, just how have our human interpretations of the Bible or religious traditions made them to be today? He never points fingers or says one way is the right way, just that you have to find what clicks for you. Which is something I have always thought and said about individuals claiming one demonination over another is that you have to do what is right for your own faith journey, walk, path, relationship or whatever you want to call it with God while not judging others. Overall searching and seeking a pure truth.

Ok - that's my plug for this book. I'm eager to read the last few chapters and see how he wraps it up :) But go borrow, check-out, buy or download it! Definitely a great book - an entertaining and thought-provoking read!

PS - I googled it to find a picture of the book and apparently it has been made into a movie! Huh? Looks like I'll have to add that to my list of movies to see :)

Night y'all!

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