Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby You're a Firework!

I have Katy Pery rattling around in my head, can you tell? I can hear fireworks, but I can't see them from my apartment :( But.... I'm sure I'll be seeing plenty of fireworks over the weekend! I'm heading down to Wichita to see some of my family and to see the newest edition to the clan!

Just a quick catch-up from this last week. Work is going just swell. Today was my first pay-day and it is a 3-day weekend, so I'm doing pretty well! The marketing rep that has been cross-training me had her last day on Thursday, so I'm a little baby bird kicked out of the nest and forced to fly! Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but she has been wonderful and I'm very appreciative.

A few notables:
Monday - I went to a new young adult small group bible study. It went really well and I think I might have found a good church to start going to.
Tuesday - I went wake-boarding for the first time with my co-workers. I'm still sore 3/4 days later! It was wicked fun though!
Wednesday - I did absolutely nothing! I attempted to recover and stayed on my couch most of the night.
Thursday - "Hot Summer Nights,"is a concert series that goes on downtown KC and I headed down there with the other reps, interns and a few other co-workers. And it was hot! Literally! But still fun. Band Perry was playing and they were a lot of fun.

Well, thanks for checking in. Here are some Youtube videos that sum up my week as well:
"I Lift My Hands" Chris Tomlin
Wake-boarding wipeouts (None of those were me, although I probably looked like a few of those.)
"If I Die Young" Band Perry
"Firework" Glee/Katy Perry (I like the Glee version, especially after seeing them live!)

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