Sunday, April 24, 2011

Grant me Peace and Contentment

I'm sitting in my room, evening of Easter Sunday, 3 weeks before I graduate college and make the biggest transition ever in my life. I find it ironic that I'm surrounded by memorabilia of my youth right now.
My accomplishments: Horse show rosettes, ribbons, plaques, certificates, belt buckles, high school letter jacket.
Items of interest of mine: My English show saddle, my guitar and books.
Sentimental items: Stuffed animals, portraits, pictures and poems.

These next few weeks I know are going to fly by so I just wanted to take a moment and reflect on life. When I went to my bookshelf to read a book for a bit before I went to sleep, I found a book that I gave to my Grandma when I graduated high school that was filled with "blank memories" for her to fill out and then give back to me. Right now my grandma is in a rehab facility since she was in the hospital for over a week last month. She is 92 and has a heart of a 40 year-old. Unfortunately, the rest of her body is 92.

Reading through it there are some cute stories about her parents and her life on the farm. I asked my parents as we were driving down to Lexington this weekend to see my brother and sister-in-law for Easter why I was so horse crazy? Mom replied, "It is in your genes." I realize now it was not only my mom who passed on what some may say "the disease," but apparently my grandma was quite fond of these four-legged creatures as well. She was born in 1918, and that is how she farmed when she was little. She said one of her favorite memories was delivering water to the workers in the field with her pony and cart :) I wish photography was as easy back then as it is now - that would have been adorable!

When asked what her favorite Bible verse or memory from church was she wrote down, "Grant me Peace and Contentment." That is indeed how she lived her live. Humble, ever since her farm background, clear until today. She took everything in life in stride, never doubted or pouted about her situation and moved on through. It makes complete sense why this simple little prayer meant so much to her in her life. She grew up on a farm - a very practical upbringing. My grandpa served 4 years, 4 months and 21 days (she kept track) in the United States Army during World War II. She then raised two children on a farm. She found happiness in life itself rather than in possessions or events. She described the happiest memory of her life was when Ray (my grandpa) got out of the service and they started farming together.

So while I'm embarking on this next step, and dreaming about what my life is going to be like and how I'm going to get there, I thank Grandma Martha for reminding me to humble myself a bit, relax, be practical and ask God for peace and contentment, because only then can I be truly satisfied.

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