Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Beautiful Things"

I would much rather muse about my past few weeks and sit outside on my patio and enjoy the sunset than do my laundry or dishes. Life is just such a beautiful thing! God's creation is such a beautiful piece of art! And where life takes you - well that's the trip.

This past week I spent in Pennsylvania. PA is a state that I have only driven through just barely going out to DC, so I believe that makes my count on states visited 41/50! Sorry dad, that isn't a fraction that will reduce. (He is a math teacher fyi.)

Sunset at the Park where the ATV event was at that I worked
I was able to see some of the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Driving through actual mountains covered with trees and alongside small creeks with old homesteads scattered throughout the land, was truly a breathtaking experience. Not to mention the deer, the fields that were about ready to harvest and the sky is gorgeous wherever you go. Even back here in Kansas as you can see from my shot from my balcony.
KC sunset from my balcony
My grandmother is currently in hospice, but holding stable to the point where they might move her into a nursing home hospice situation. It is at times like this that make you sit and re-evaluate your life and determine or re-determine what is important to you. What makes your life beautiful?

I have made a point to spend the last 5 or so New Year's Eves with her. Our big night would include some card games and puzzles and of course watching the ball drop! It always took me back to when I was younger and she would babysit for my brother and me while my parents got one of their few date nights a year with their best friends. She has always been such a great role model - lived a simple, yet content life. I will always look up to her for that. Her favorite prayer was "Grant me peace and contentment." With all the big dreams that I have going through my head at one time, remembering that helps to keep me grounded.

So enjoy every beautiful thing. From the human life of the new person you just met, to the beauty that nature beholds for us to the opportunities that we are blessed with everyday - remember it is all BEAUTIFUL!

Great song to ponder to:
"Beautiful Things" - Gungor

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