Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boys can be nice - if they want

So I got to go home (Purdue home), as an alumni this time, for homecoming and had quite the experience. Saw lots of great friends, went to an incredible Lee Brice and Luke Bryan concert that was extremely entertaining (with some unexpected twists), had great seats to watch my Boilers upset a ranked team and went to a Women of Wesley event that got crashed by the boys.
Now the story behind this is due to FaceBook always switching things up, my friend Erica had to make the event off of the general Wesley Foundation group page which accidently invited all the boys as well. This obviously couldn't happen because this movie night had some business to it as the women began planning for their WOW holiday dinner which is always top secret from the boys. So they were uninvited and I guess some feelings got hurt. Since the location and time had been disclosed, we were an easy target for this ambush. But we were all pleasantly surprised when it came in this fashion rather than a silly, immature prank. I love it and miss it when these boys go just a little bit out of their way to make us girls feel special! Well done boys, well done!
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