Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two Posts in a Day - What a Treat!

I'm spending as much time as possible working in the Animal Science Office these last two weeks of the semester to make a little extra cash. What is super sweet about this job is that if they don't have anything for me to do, then I can do whatever, well within reason. Like, I did a lot of my homework last week and studied for my final last night all day yesterday, while getting paid for it! Pretty sweet! Now to justify it a bit, I have to be able at a moment's notice be able to drop whatever I'm doing and help out wherever I can - sort mail, run some paperwork to another building, file some documents, make copies, answer phones, etc. So I have been helpful as well :)

But this afternoon has been rather slow, so y'all get treated with two posts! So I decided to write about something that is near and dear to my heart - Purdue and what it has meant to me. I suppose I'm getting melancholy as I have some close friends graduating in just a few days and I will be starting my last semester in January!

- Awesome spirit/pride! I know people get excited for their schools, but I was at a reception a few weeks ago and a lady sitting at my table told the entire group that she believes Purdue is on a whole new level than her former institution where she worked. All she had to say was "Hook 'em Horns," for us to realize she was talking about Texas University. I can't think of too many more enthusiastic and loyal fans as Texas probably has, but proud that she considers us Boilermakers in a league of our own!

- Friendships! "College is the best time in your life," so they say. I believe this is true. You are a grown-up, but yet still somewhat sheltered from the real world. Seriously - when working a full-time job you aren't going to decide to make a midnight Insomnia Cookies run with your friends because you wouldn't last through your 8 -hour work day! I have made the majority of my best friends here at Purdue.

- Possibilities! Meeting new people, travel opportunities, joining new clubs, professional opportunities, learning experiences inside and out of the classroom!

- Atmosphere! Campus is beautiful! I think the ideal day is a clear, warm, fall day when there is a home football game! The atmosphere is almost electric, yet serene and peaceful, if that makes sense?

- Growth! I have grown so much as a person. I have been through some of the worst times as well, but have been able to rise to the occasion through the help of my friends, whom I consider my Purdue Family. I have grown as a professional individual to go out into the Ag Industry, complete with a new hairdo :). I have grown so much in my faith to the point where I want to learn more and be able to share my passion for Christ and personal development. I have grown in academic learning and knowledge or at least that is what my transcript says.

So thank you all to my Purdue Family! I throughly bleed Black and Gold now! BOILER UP!

In front of the Purdue Memorial Union - rocking out my senior chords :)

Ice is not Nice!

I know the word 'nice' needs the letters 'ice' to spell it, but I do argue that the adjective 'nice' should never be used with the noun 'ice.' Unless you're really hot or dehydrated and you add ice to your beverage to cool it down even more.

But it's December folks, so you can probably see where I'm going with this. December means pretty snow to highlight everything about the Christmas season. I'm not a snow-hater unless it is the dubious type of snow that covers up and hides sneaky, slippery ice patches in parking lots. Particularly ones beside my poor, innocent, sweet Gerdy (my car).

Ok - so I'm being a drama queen and I'll cut to the chase - I fell on the ice. And of course, the way I fell was in a compromising manner for my left knee. While I have a brand new ACL in my left knee, it can still be damaged and there is the possibility that I did something to it. Not completely sure, but usually new swelling and pain isn't a good thing.

So I'm going to 'baby-it' this week until I get home next week and then possibly go and see the doc if it doesn't go away by then. The whole ironic point of this all is that this week's physical therapy sessions were my last ones! So who knows what this all might bring?

So to snow this time, I do indeed say, "Bah-humbug!"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last Steep Climb

I have seen a few different documentaries/ stories on Mt. Everest and the analogy of the last steep climb before you reach the summit is very appropriate for me right now!

Reason 1: There are two and half weeks until the end of the semester! I am 2 exams, 1 presentation, 1 report, 4 Mortar Board Events, hopefully about 20 hours of work in the Animal Science Office and 3 finals away from the end of the semester! I know that sounds like a lot, but not really!

Reason 2: My therapy hit a new phase today and I was super excited after my glowing reviews from the Doc last Tuesday, then the reality of running for the first time in approximately 7 months hit me when I met Mr. Treadmill again after a long break in our relationship! I went 5 minutes and about died! Then we started some jumping! :) (that is a sarcastic emoticon.) I realized that my leg is still incredibly weak and it was pretty disheartening. 

The one redeeming factor was that my therapist told me to go buy new shoes! That was music to my ears. I typically don't need a reason to go buy new shoes, I'm quite capable. But, to have my therapist validate an actual need for a new pair, versus my usual want for a new pair, totally made my day! So, with mommy and daddy's credit card (this was an "unforeseen medical expense", which is why it wasn't my credit card) I ventured back out into this first snowy day of winter to a local sports store and got a great new pair of running shoes!

So I'm going to try and use the excitement of the oh so-close summit as energy and motivation to the top! As Miley Cyrus would put it, "It's all about the climb! Keep your faith." It ain't about how fast I get there folks, but what I learn along the way :) So wise beyond her years!