Saturday, July 30, 2011

Epic Trip Follow-Up!

So I knew going into this trip, it was going to be of epic proportions! Well it was! I got upgraded with my rental (still don't know why) to a 2012 Mustang! That thing was sweet! You know, I've always thought a sports car was not very practical; gas milage isn't that great and there isn't much room in them. Well, I stand corrected on one part - I got great milage in that thing! Like almost averaging 28 mpg! Being a small person, there was plenty of room for me - so while I'm still living alone, a sports car is totally practical :) Gerdie, my Buick, will have to do in the mean time though because I understand I do need to be somewhat practical about it and not go into debt when I still have a working car. You know, be grateful for what you have.

I saw a bunch of good friends from high school, college and 4-H. Which was great because I haven't really had the chance to make too many out here yet besides through work. As great as it is to go back, it makes me miss it soooooo much! School and showing! But I have a couple of good leads on some different barns around the area, so I'm hoping one of those will work out.

My dealer visits went great and so far the feedback I've given back has been well received and I really think this project is going to turn out pretty well! I also got a couple of movies in, Harry Potter VII part II for the second time and Captain America. Both were great!

At least I won't be alone this week - I have two little new best friends! Sterling and Madison! they are two little Yorkies that I'm dog-sitting for a friend who is on vacation :) I'm pretty excited about it. They are pretty cute :) 

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