Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Idea

So - I know this is going to sound funny because I have been neglecting this blog so much, but I want to write a book. This is not a new idea for me. I don't really care about being on any sort of bestseller list or anything like that, but the accomplishment of telling a story would be something pretty sweet!

The first major problem though is deciding what to write about. Fiction? Non-Fiction? Romance? Comedy? Religious? Then, what kind of book? Novel? Diary? Collection of poems or random entries?

Well I thought about turning my college career and a lot of what I write in these blogs into a book, but didn't really like that idea because while I love the life I live, to me, it can be boring at times. I've been re-reading the Harry Potter books and am in awe of Rowling's ability to develop a whole new world and I just don't think my brain works like that.

I think what I am best at is telling stories that are real and have happened, and I think I'll be most passionate about topics that are near to me. So I would like to thank a fellow Mortar Board member for helping to inspire this idea I'm about to propose. He came into the meeting all dressed up and said that he was visiting the school where he'll be student teaching at. Then he talked about how cold it was today and relating back to the teaching theme, I told him that my parents had a two-hour delay today because of the cold. He was interested in the fact that my parents were teachers and then I got all mushy telling him how they have taught at the same small-town high school for over 30 years now together.

Eh? You see where I'm going with this? Seems simple - a midwestern couple, teaching at a small-town school, had two children and are active in a local church. But maybe being their daughter I can show how truly incredible those statements are?! Not only do they live together, they work together! There is not a whole lot of separation if they get on one another's nerves. And the cherry on top of it all - they are going to a marriage conference this weekend just because! How stinking cute?

Valentines Day can be something beautiful for people or can be extremely depressing. At the moment I'm playing Katy Perry's "Firework" on repeat while writing this to give myself a little morale boost! I got the idea from the latest episode of Glee where Rachel realizes she doesn't need Phin anymore. Now don't get worried, I'm not going to be a Valentines hater, down a six-pack on Monday in woe due to my misery of being single since like forever. I'm just boosting my ego a bit - a little 'mood-management.' I've learned in my communication class recently that it is a proven theory as people select what kind of music to listen to in order to alter their mood to a more favorable state. In the most humble way possible, I know I'm awesome but just need reminded of it from time to time. Thanks Katy!

Ok - rant on Valentines was to say I've been thinking a lot about love recently and what that little, yet oh so powerful word is and what it means. And I'm blessed to have been a close witness to a marriage filled with every sense of the word. So here's to you mom and dad! Hope you don't mind being putting on the spot but y'all mean a lot to me!

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