Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Whole New World

This title is appropriate for all sorts of reasons.
1 - The obvious one of me graduating, moving three states away and getting my first job.
2 - I'm making a new little home, even cooking for myself. I promise pictures of the apartment soon to come.
3 - That was the sermon title of the sermon I listened to this morning.

The Church of the Resurrection is a huge United Methodist Church with a couple different locations around southern and western KC. While I got up in plenty of time to go to church in person, time has this funny trick of disappearing and I didn't want to show up late, so I "tuned-in" online. I was really impressed with the live-stream and even more impressed with the sermon itself.

Rev. Adam Hamilton, pulled out three main points from the movie Aladdin and showed how the gospel can be seen through them.

1 - The first point he talked about was how God sees us for the "diamond in the roughs" that we are. Obviously Aladdin went from a "street-rat" to a prince, inside and out. God chose the most unlikely people throughout the Bible to carry out his works. Moses, Samuel's youngest son, the woman at the well and even the rag-tag team of disciples that Jesus chose are just a few of the examples.

2- The second point was living your life in a balance of piety and outward signs of living for Christ. BE YOURSELF. Be true to who you are and more importantly who God has made you to be. Aladdin was posing as a pompous prince, while Jasmine fell in love with the real Aladdin, not "Prince Al." He expanded and talked about how we should not do what we do as a Christian to impress anyone, but to impact others. So make an impact people!

3 - Lastly he asked us how we would spend our third wish. Aladdin stayed true to a promise he made to the Genie and set him free while he thought he was giving up his chance to have his "happily ever after." What a sacrifice! Hm? Sound familiar? Enough said for point number three.

So, needless to say, I totally dug this guy and I'm looking forward to visiting in person next week as the Disney preaching series continues. Here is the link to the sermon online, I noticed it wasn't up yet, but hopefully it will be soon. Aladdin sermon!

I'd also like to thank Joyce Hooker from Knightstown, Indiana for her submission to "The Taste of Home Cookbook." I used her recipe for Broccoli Chicken Roll-Ups for inspiration and made my own little twist on probable the closet to gourmet meal I have ever made!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Not to Say to Kids

I promise to get some pictures up soon of the new place. It is so cute and I love everything about it now! Plus, this "clean-freak" stage might not stay too long ;)

Tonight after work I had the chance to venture a little deeper into the complex and check out the basketball court. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it has all of the needed components :) There were two boys and their dad shooting around a bit and I asked if I could join. I was hardly hitting anything it seemed, but that was ok, it was just nice to get out.

The father then went into this spiel telling his boys, "If anyone ever tries to tell you playing sports is not about winning, then they're wrong." He continued on saying, "Why would you practice and train so hard if it wasn't to win? Don't let anyone ever tell you different." "Pain goes away. If you get hurt and you're not dead or have a concussion, then keep playing. Physical pain goes away, but the emotional pain of losing doesn't."

My heart just sank as the two boys ate up every word and agreed with him and started to repeat back what their dad had said to them, "That's right Papa!" I wish I had the courage to go against him to his face, but I just ignored him and then had some time with the kids later.

Later I was just playing with the kids after the dad had left and learned that they were just 6 and 7-years-old. They were so sweet and then their little brother who had to be like 2 introduced himself with a handshake and we played for awhile after that. I just wanted to tell them that their dad he was so wrong. Sports are GAMES! They should be for fun! Organized sports can teach you discipline, teamwork and dedication, but it is still a GAME

I wondered what my good friend Mr. Tony Dungy had to say on this matter, so I acquired a few quotes:

"God’s definition of success is really one of significance – the significant difference our lives can make in the lives of others."
"Football is a vocation and an opportunity for ministry.  But it’s not a life."

So then I stumbled across this great quote that actually goes exactly along with a conversation I had last night at the Kansas City Royal's baseball game, "Winning is overrated.  The only time it is really important is in surgery and war." Al McGuire. 

I literally just had this conversation with a friend while watching the game. We enjoy sports, but they are not life and death like our troops are facing right now or the miracles that doctors perform everyday for people's loved ones.

Ok, I have ranted long enough! While my little time out on the playground angered me, the boys were so sweet and innocent and I hope my positive outlook and just playing with them made some small impact. I think I did because as they were leaving the boy yelled goodbye across the yard to me :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Disney World to the Real World!

This past month has been CraZy! From walking across the stage in Elliot Hall to receive my degree, to meeting Mickey Mouse and venturing through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to starting my first, full-time job! Phew! So I don't think everything has fully sunk in yet, but it has sure been fun along the way.

This is my first weekend in Kansas and since I'm just taking it easy and trying to "decompress" as one of my co-workers suggested to do this weekend, I figured I'd post a few pictures and memories of the past month!
After 5 years of walking around the bell tower and never going under it, graduation was finally the day to walk under it for the first time!

M-I-C. K-E-Y. M-O-U-S-E!!!!!! And Minnie :)
Hogwarts Castle! No words to describe how excited I was to be in Harry Potter World!