Wednesday, February 16, 2011


BEAUTIFUL day! The sun was out, wind was calm and the temp was around 55! I had to get out and enjoy the day somehow. A student walking by with a Camp Tecumseh sweatshirt answered my prayers! He inspired me to take a quick afternoon trip out to camp and take a ride!

I had a long day yesterday, intense Bible study and then a friend had some bad news about his mom's health so this ride was just what I needed! And Bubbi (a bay Arabian/Saddlebred cross) was just the ticket. He hadn't been ridden since the Fall, not used at all during trail rides and due to his breeding, is slightly ADD. But he's gorgeous and super friendly (he practically came to me in the pasture) and did really well. He's super fancy too in the ring and a really cute jumper and he's FOR SALE!!!! I'd be tempted myself, but I can't buy a horse right now. He'd make a great pet, has packed around campers since 2007 but deserves a chance to show his stuff. 

Back to the ride - On this great snow-covered trail by the river, I saw a deer, flying swans overhead and plenty of squirrels and shared with Mary Anne who is always a pleasure to be around! Pretty much magical and worth staying up late to finish my grading and forcing me to get up early in the morning to finish things for the day.

Welp, that's it - I'm trying to blog more so hopefully y'all will be more entertained!

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