Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pool Chatter

I'm starting to become a pool bum! Which is hilarious if you know me, because I have never been that big into the whole laying out thing. But if you typically turned into a lobster after being out in the sun for any amount of time- then you wouldn't be into that much either.

But being inside all day for work almost makes me crave some rays. I've been pretty good about running and just getting out and hiking around some hills by my condo- but there is just something nice about sitting next to the pool and reading a good book listening to my iPod. Another ironic point being that I'm actually becoming a slight book-worm. Maybe a book-larvae is a more accurate term, but I have almost made all my money back on my Barnes and Noble membership- so that's something I suppose.

Anyways, I have met some fun and interesting people at the pool. On Saturday I met a mom and her 7 year old daughter. I was walking in the pool at the same time as the girl and asked her what her name was.
"Anica," she said.
Beautiful name for a cute little girl.
Her next words to me without any hesitation were, "Do you have any kids?"
I laughed at it and said no, I'm too young to have a kid. Which in reality I suppose I'm not too young, but in my reality, I am most definitely too young! And then finished off my response by saying, "I'm just a kid myself." To which her mother praised me for a good answer.
Anica is just learning to swim on her own and took an immediate trust with me. She would swim out to me about 5 feet from the steps and then hold my hands and kick as we went across the pool. Her mom was amazed and said that is the best that she has every done. Then said that I would make a great mom someday. I stuck around and played with Anica and talked with her mom Rachel who is a hair-stylist at a local salon, so when I need my trim coming up in about a month, I know where to go! Hopefully I'll see them around some more.

Then today, I went later this evening after my run. It was HOT outside and I thought it would be a good idea to stretch out some in the water before my 4 hour car ride to Modesto, California tomorrow. A lady about the age of my parents was laying out and waved at me as I came in and as I crept my way into the cold water, she made a comment about the pool not being heated and I told her that I just got back from a run, so it felt pretty good, but it was still cold. You just gotta jump in and get it over with which is what I did and I swam over to where she was laying and started up a conversation. She told me about some neat trails just through a neighborhood across the street that I'm going to check out next time I run. And the conversation meandered from faith, the end times, to horses, to my job, her life, my life and eventually us finally and properly introducing ourselves. Ruth is a sweet lady and I enjoyed our conversation very much, someone else I will hopefully see around the water this summer.

I can't wait to check out those trails that she told me about. Running along the same road gets to be a little boring. I've pushed myself up to 3 miles now, and feeling stronger every time. But these new trails will have to wait until Tuesday night when I get back from my second dealer visit! I'm hoping it goes well tomorrow and the dealer is receptive, some are and some aren't. But I'm excited to get out of the office and then I'm off for the 4th of July weekend on Thursday!

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