Thursday, July 2, 2009

Quick Update

It's been a few days since I posted something and with a fun-filled weekend ahead, it might a little while until I get to this so here's a quick update that I hope will suffice until I get a chance to blog next.

My travels in California were interesting to say the least. Nothing seemed to quite work out the way I planned, but I made it back safely and have a few funny comments to make.

1- Don't always trust your Garmin. Oh, it might get you there, but take you some crazy places between here and there! California 4 was probably the most tedious drive I have ever done as it switchbacked through the Sierra's and was not much wider than a lane and half.

2- Don't trust your phone alarm, even if it shows FULL battery as you rest your head on the pillow thinking that it will wake you up on time like it has every morning for the past year. There's a trend here- technology can be an untrusty thing.

3- Don't let your gas tank go below 1/4- especially in the middle of mountain no-where. I was never so happy to see the town of Markelville (California, not Indiana, which is a stone's throw away from my home) and its one pump gas station that surprisingly enough took credit cards.

4- Try not to get stuck behind 4 senior citizen couples on their motorcycles while white-knuckling it to make it to the gas station- only slows you down.

I finally make it safe and sound to my home away from home here in Reno for the summer and I decided to take good ol' Ruth's advice from the pool on Sunday and go for a run on those trails across the street up on little mountain/hill/look-out thing. It was very hilly and I really just wanted to walk it, but stopped being a pansy and kept up a nice jog. There are some random "wildlife info signs" so I made a little game out of it and ran to each one of those and stopped for a few moments and skimmed them. And I might have played on some benches as well?

The most exciting/ scary thing about this run though was a surprise in the form of a snake. Duh, I'm in Nevada, there are going to be snakes! But the surprise of it right there on the trail is what startled me. I literally leaped in the air mid-stride over it. I turned around and took a few steps towards it, because now I was curious :) First thing I checked for was a rattle. No rattle- good! It was about 2 and half to 3 feet long and a pale yellow with a black diamond design going down its back. It was more scared of me and slithered away. I just laughed and decided it just fit in with the rest of my day.

Work has been actually pretty good lately. Things are starting to roll and I'm planning on dealer visits up north next week in Washington and Oregon! Both new states for me! There is still some question of substance to the meetings, but I'm working with my boss to try and make my time and the dealer's time valuable. Some other places I'm planning to visit- Yuma, Arizona (yes, as in 3:10 to Yuma the movie); Alamosa, Colorado; Twin Falls, Idaho; Billings Montana; and Tipton, California. I'm pretty excited about the trip between Twin Falls and Billings- its a drivable distance through YELLOWSTONE and if I quote the car cheaper than the flight, my boss will probably go for it!

This weekend starts tomorrow, well actually today! I'm picking up a friend from the airport and then we're hanging out/ exploring Lake Tahoe tomorrow! I'm excited to go back and see some new sites and hopefully the water won't be too cold (I hear it is freezing.) Then we're road tripping with my roomie (who just got back into town tonight!) about 4 hours west of here to the beautiful city of San Francisco for the 4th of July! Couple of firsts for me there, the town itself and the Pacific Ocean! I'm pretty excited! It's going to take a lot though to out-do last year's 4th of July celebration in Andover, Kansas with the Strain clan and my parents even came down from Indiana to join in the festivities! So many fireworks and so many people- definitely a great weekend.

Speaking of the rents- I get to see them soon as I'm coming home for the Henry County Fair! That's right, I'm not coming home for a wedding or my birthday, but for county fair! That's just how much I love fair and my 4-H peeps. So, if you're back home July 16-18, give me a call and maybe my parents will let you have a few seconds to throw your arms around my neck- time is a precious thing when I'm home ;) But have no fears, after August 14th, I'll be home for a whole 2 WEEKS! OMG! So if you miss me at fair, then we'll definitely squeeze some time in there between Purdue and home.

Well y'all.... it's late, even for Pacific time. I'm off for a fun-filled weekend and will be sure to let you know all about it! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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