Thursday, June 11, 2009

Personal Development Diet

So, I'm writing a blog for work too. It's on the internal internet so unless you're a Deere employee, you can't see it. In that blog, I talk about my internship experience, my Reno and traveling stories and then anything I can throw in there for advice or food for thought. But, I'll be sharing a lot of the same thoughts on both blogs, only on here I get to be a little more personal :)

The meat and potatoes of my last couple of posts on my work blog have been to be prepared with agendas and being flexible; feedback is good and we grow through construction zones and try something new! Now to fill out the rest of the menu and give you some background on all of that.

1- Agendas and being flexible
Let's just say that my project has not been laid out and outlined as thoroughly as I had hoped for. The objectives have changed, which means less traveling. While I was kind of bummed about not traveling as much, I'm still going to get to see all the territories in the branch and I have already checked off four new states since May 27th! So, needless to say, I've had to be flexible.

2- Feedback is good
I pitched the idea of these events to the first dealership earlier this week. I got a lot of really good feedback, not all positive about these events, but we learn and grow through feedback so we can "construct" whatever we're working on into the best that it can be. I came across the whole construction analogy while stuck in construction on I-80 coming back to Reno. Kind of a cool thing to apply to our lives as well- taking constructive criticism and growing through construction zones.

3- Try Something New
My roommate took me to her kick boxing class- definitely a new experience, the Taebo dvd's that I've done, just didn't measure up. After I went in with an open mind and tried my hardest, I learned a few new things and had a great workout that I'm still feeling 24 hours later.

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  1. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Positive thinking