Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why Not?

Why not say hello to a stranger in passing? Why not stop and enjoy a moment of God's wonderful creation?

These are questions that I asked myself today and I did both. As part of my internship, there is going to be some considerable traveling as I call on different dealers based out of the Reno branch, which expands most of Western United States. Being a Hoosier (by birth only) I'm just taking this whole opportunity in. I stopped at a "scenic overlook", literally that's what the sign said, and while there I said hello to an older gentleman sitting on a bench and he seemed somewhat surprised that I even looked his way. Maybe he's used to California attitudes, I'm not sure? I was just being polite and following the advice of a wonderful man from Iowa that I did a story on while working with the American Quarter Horse Association last semester.

This scenic stop had a little trail that went out to an overlook that looked out over the Yuba River in Northern California and it talked about how some people from Indiana were the firsts to travel out here and settle in 1849, the gold rush hence the 49'ers. Slightly frustrated from a long day of traveling the walk was nice, but I just took a moment and prayed, and thanked God for everything and was once again blown away at His wonderful creation.

These past couple of months I have seen the Palo Duro Canyon in Canyon, Texas, the Rocky Mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado and now the Sierra Nevada Mountains of the Nevada/California border, the Salt Lake of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the "dry" (we've had a lot of rain in Nevada recently) desert of Nevada as well. I also got to re-visit one of my favorite sights that nature has to offer, the Kansas Flint Hills over Memorial Day weekend. Again, a lot to take in for a small-town Indiana girl, but how AMAZING!

I've been wanting a way to keep everyone at home informed of what's going on and just a place to express myself I suppose too as well. I think working in the publications department at AQHA I was bit by this little bug- the writing bug.

Why not start a blog? So I did- hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hey Brit!! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures out west!! I bought my plane tix for Dublin... soo excited. Anyways, keep up the good writin'

    sarah j