Thursday, June 18, 2009


22 years ago- the world was lucky enough to have been blessed with the addition of my presence! Haha, just kidding. But seriously today is my birthday! 22 years old- I hear even numbers are good ages, so we'll see ;)

But, I'm not sure actually when is the precise time I can say "Happy Birthday to Me." I was born in Eastern time, but started my day in Central time, had a layover in Mountain time, but now back in Reno I'm on Pacific time! My mom called me at midnight Eastern time and justified that that was the time-zone that I was born in- but I only have 15 minutes left to make it official in the time-zone that I'm in, so I'll go with that.

I was at the Reno Rodeo tonight for Xtreme Bulls! Saw some pretty sweet bull-riding and got some cowboys' autographs. But funny thing- there was a man there that was celebrating his 95th birthday on the 19th as well! Digger is what he goes by and he has put a lot of money into the Rodeo, so they made a pretty big hoop-la about it. He was in a box seat about two over from us (that's right, as a John Deere employee and sponsor of this event, we had sweet box seats straight across from the bucking shoots.) I went over and wished him a happy birthday and thanked him for his service and shared a special bday moment with him. Such a sweet man, literally- he gave me the rest of his cake! lol! So I'm carrying this cake while getting autographs- good icebreaker my roommate told me. Haha- definitely a great memory though and there is still tomorrow night at the rodeo:)

So funny travel story I have to share. There was a kid on my Denver to Moline flight on Monday and ends up he was on my flight from Moline to Denver this morning. He stayed at my same hotel, so he was on the same airport shuttle along with the United flight crew that flew our plane. Anyways, we start talking and we're waiting at our gate and he pulls out three juggling balls. I had flashbacks from 8th grade PE where we HAD to juggle for a grade! Thank you Mrs. Gustin! Well, it's like riding a bike for me and I asked if I could give a go. He obliged, nice Canadian boy, and I started juggling. He then grabbed the balls one at a time from the air while I was juggling, then told me to do the same when he had his rhythm going. It took me a couple of goes, but I got it and we were essentially juggling back and forth- with everyone in the terminal staring at us. I even had a random guy comment on our skills on the flight! So I can now check off juggling with a Canadian in the Moline, Illinois airport off my bucket list! Score!

According to my phone- it's 12 am = my bday! I'm looking forward to another great year and thank God for all the blessings in my life- wonderful family and friends being at the top of that list :)


  1. Story I do not think I ever told you this about your bday: You could have been about an hour older! All your talk about time zones reminded me. Your dad got lost from the room to the surgery room- so the nurses thought anyway! We were waiting and waiting outside surgery. After about an hour one of them said something about his not being there yet and not going in without him. I thought they were talking about the doctor so I was willing to wait as well! When they asked if he had brought me into the hospital and I realized they were talking about your dad. I looked at them and as politely as I could and told them "He is not comming so can we just get this show on the road? NOW?" At that second in time I did not care what it sounded like- I just wanted to see you! You were born about 15 minutes later! The 'show has been on the road' ever since!
    Happy long distance hug- All the time Maddy-