Tuesday, June 23, 2009

50/50 and a Random Ponder

Tonight I sold 50/50 tickets at the Reno Rodeo. I've been enjoying the benefits of working for a company that sponsors the event and having friends who know friends to get VIP tickets to the different events and great seats. Now it's time to pay my dues and it was actually pretty fun and I got somewhat of a work-out climbing up and down those stairs!

For those of you that don't know what a 50/50 is- you buy a raffle ticket and half the money goes to the person with the winning number at the end of the night and the other half goes to a cause. In this case, the Reno Rodeo Flag Girls. They lost their sponsorship and they also help with the Reno Rodeo Foundation, which is very active in the local community by granting scholarships.
Some effective sales tactics I developed:

1- Have a great smile and don't be afraid to say hello or ask a person directly if they've boughten their ticket yet.
2- Let them know the minimum commitment first- "It only takes a $1 to win!"
3- Entice- "Winners have been walking out of here with almost $2,000 in their pockets the past five nights."
4- Talk investments- "$1 could turn into $2,000- pretty good investment" (especially in this economy.)
5- Be personable and excited- you could get one more dollar out of them!
With these tactics, I sold approximately 120 tickets in about an hour and half! My roommate really ramped it up and sold over 200!

A recent random pondering I would like to share:
The snow on Mt. Rose, the ski slopes that can be seen from my condo, is almost all melted. This saddened me in a way, but it's just the normal turn of the seasons and the mountain is becoming beautiful in its new shades of green. It saddened me because the snow is just beautiful and it seemed odd to me that I'm in the middle of the desert in Nevada and I can look up and see snow. The mystery/ fascination of it was intriguing to me I suppose.

But it reminded of a book that I did a story on with Quarter Horse. It hasn't been published yet, so I suppose I'm giving you a sneak peek of an upcoming article in "America's Horse." Lucky you! But the book is titled, "Snow Melts in the Spring," and it was a Christian Romance Fiction novel. Broken relationships were mended, hearts healed and new love bloomed in the Spring time of the Kansas Flint Hills. Great book! Horses, football, rodeos, ranches and a young female vet falling in love- my kind of book for sure! It hits the shelves in July and is by Deborah Voghts.

The changes in the seasons, while predictable and normal, they fascinate me while I ponder the design behind them. Mt. Rose just put that stark contrast right to my face. What an amazing Creator we have to have put this all in place- I give up trying to understand and assume a state of wonder.

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