Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Writing Inspiration!

Being the fairly consistent blogger that I am, I go throughout my day not necessarily looking for things to write about, but they just occur to me. Some topics just pertain to my day and how classes are going and such and any adventures I go on, while others are just random little, and often funny or ironic circumstances that strike my fancy I suppose.

Examples of the random topics:
- I came back from classes today and had a short conversation with my Irish roommate Evan while I was fixing my lunch. He walked in with a D.A.R.E. shirt on. I thought to myself, "They don't have that here." So I asked him and he said that he just got it off of an Irish friend who bought it in Uganda this summer while he was working there. He then asked me what it was and I explained the concept of the program to him and what I remembered from it. My D.A.R.E. t-shirt has probably seen about 6 different Goodwills by now, while this particular D.A.R.E. t-shirt has been literally all around the world.
This conversation also included the topic of American peanut butter as I have found a new favorite snack- apples and peanut butter. I came up with this idea all on my own, and not through peer pressure when my American roommate, Josh, dared me to try peanut butter with an orange. At this rate, that 2 and half pound jar of JIF that I brought might not last me the semester.

- Lack of cereal selection. At home with our glorious, one-stop superstores, an entire isle is usually dedicated to cereal! Where in comparison, I think one isle in a Super Wal-Mart is bigger than most grocery stores here. So the cereal section or cereal row on the shelf is quite limited. Kellogg's is the main-stream company and my choices based on taste and economical reasons have either been Rice Krispies (the cheapest by far) or Frosties (also known as Frosted Flakes back home.)

- I have discovered the name of those birds that I mentioned in one of my first posts here- Magpies! What a hideous name for, in all fairness, a pretty bird? Apparently they are unlucky unless seen in pairs, so I sometimes search out a second one just to make me feel better.

Besides these random ponderings, there has been a lot going on. Monday is always by far my busiest day and yesterday was no exception. Classes all day, workout class with Shay where he pretty much rips us apart every week, but we love him for it, and then the Equestrian Club social last night. A lot of girls in my different classes are in it, so I actually went somewhere knowing people- which was great! I'm getting super excited for the Tetrathlon- training starts soon- so we'll see how 'fit' I really am.

Now, I'm trying to make plans for some different trips. I have a friend from Camp Tecumseh that is from England and he is home for a little bit, so I want to go and visit him. Then my friends here are planning trips to Killarney and Cork- so many options and places to see. I also found out that an old high school friend is teaching English in France, so that's another place to hopefully see while I'm on this side of the pond!!!!!!

Off to class and maybe some other random occurrences that will inspire some unusual, but interesting thoughts to share with you later!

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