Thursday, September 24, 2009


All time is no time - When time is past - Make time, save time - While time lasts.

This little saying has come back to my mind recently when I realized that this past Monday, I have been in Ireland for a month!!!!! I first found it on a sun-dial in a little garden by the track that I've spent a good amount of time on as well.

It totally does not feel like that long and I am taking that as motivation to start getting outta Dublin and to also experience more of the social college life and to also really start on my studies. Phew- I'm going to be one busy girl, but what else is new? This has been one busy year for sure and soon enough I'll have accomplished this crazy goal of mine that I set out to do last Fall and be back home again in Indiana :)

It also really occurred to me that I just want to make the most of this opportunity- to enjoy it and to truly make a heck of a good memory with it. And now for the cheesy analogy- you ready?My roommate Josh got some different roses before he took off for France this week as a prep for his upcoming internship in November there, and I have some in my window ceil. These two roses I picked out are beautiful! One is a big open yellow rose and the other one is a peace rose, yellow at the bottom, then flaring into red tips. Even though I can change the water, add a German version of 'Flower Fresh' to them- they are only going to last so long- just as my time here in Ireland is only going to last for so long.

So, what am I going to do about it? Well, I have weekend trips planned for the next three weekends, with hopefully more trips to come depending on how long my money holds out. This coming weekend I'm going to Killarney with my good girl-friends I have made here so far. A local Irishman told me the other day that Killarney is where everybody goes to summer vacation, so I'm hoping that means it will be beautiful! The following weekend we are heading southwest, not just west, to Cork for the Cork Folk Festival! I'm making this trip again with my girlfriends and should be a good craic for sure. One of my roommates is from Cork and he was really excited to hear that we were going to be checking out his home-town. Then probably the trip I'm most excited about, if that's even possible, is Carnforth, England. Sounds pretty random, I know, but my friend Brett from Camp Tecumseh is finally back home in Carnforth for a little while and has extended the invitation for me to come and visit! Not only will I be getting out of the city, but out of the country! Granted, I won't be seeing London, but I think of it this way- it is much easier to set up a touristy/ vacaction type thing to the bigger places and cities at some other time, but to go to these festivals and experience more of a local lifestyle- definitely priceless.

And yes, I'm forcing myself to stay in tonight to study, seeing as it is "Arthur's Day," I have had loads of peer pressure to celebrate with the rest of Dublin tonight. I haven't really cracked down on my school work a lot, so its about time. Oh- what's Arthur's Day? Well Arthur Genniuss's birthday, and this time he's 250 years old! Talk about making a lasting impresion on Ireland? Needless to say, town is going to be crazy tonight and big, drunk crowds tend to not be my thing. But, enjoy the celebrations everyone, I'll be having a party with Economics and Management :) That was the plan last night, but my crazy German roommate, Miriam, drug me out. I was totally not planning on going- but decided why not, it'll be an experience and ended up being a good time. I can now say that I have experienced a European rave now- glowsticks, flouresant paint, black lights, techno music and all. Still can't get over the fact that any night of the week is a night to go out! I thought going out on Thursdays was bad enough back home.

I believe that party with my friends Econ and Management is starting soon actually, so make the most of your time wherever you are, I know I sure am! :)

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