Saturday, September 19, 2009

Down by the Sea

Another week has gone by here in Dublin. This week was fairly uneventful, classes, a couple of 'international events' and just getting used to things here I suppose.

Probably the biggest highlight in my classes was when a representative from the Goffs' Thoroughbred sales came and spoke to us about their sale. It is a highly prestigious sale and it is coming up in a few weeks. I think some friends that I have made in my Equine Industry class are going to try and go when the actual sale is going on. We get to go as a class field-trip on the Monday before the sale, but there aren't any horses being actually sold then. Although about 97% of the horses sold here are Irish bred, there are internationally bred horses that are sold here as yearlings as well and buyers come from all over the world to get that special horse. So, pretty excited about that!

Classes are going well I suppose, there isn't much 'continual assessment' going on, so I suppose I've been slightly slacking on keeping up with readings as we go along. It is hard for me to stay motivated when I don't necessarily have an assignment due in a class next week. So, the goal for later today is actually read some of my econ and some of my readings for equine health.

I joined the Equestrian Club! They train for a competition called the tetrathlon where you compete in swimming, running, pistol shooting and show jumping! I'm crazy excited about this and hopefully can make it on the team. Apparently it is fairly popular, but what a thrill it would be to actually compete in this with students from all over Europe. The show jumping aspect is just a catch ride with a few practice fences allowed. Another American girl that was on my same flight over here is going to train for it too, it is going to be a great craic!

So far this weekend has been pretty chilled. Went over to a friend's place last night and watched a movie. Some of my closest friends here so far are not Irish, but either American, Canadian and in one case a New Zealander! Today was a nice little adventure as I got to see a different part of Dublin on purpose this time. My roommate Josh took me to Don Laoghaire today down by the sea. This is where my friend Alyssa and I accidentally took the bus our first night here when we missed our stop by the college. Reminded me a bit of San Francisco as far as the weather and the wind, but only in Ireland? There were people swimming in the sea, much too cold for me. It made for a nice stroll for sure watching the boats and my favorite, people watching. There were a lot of families out and about and lots of people walking their dogs! One lady sent in her Labrador Retriever to get a plastic bottle out of the water- so cute!

So I'm just taking everything in as it comes. I'm trying a new church with my friend Sarah J from back home tomorrow, it is suppose to have a more 'college-age' atmosphere, so that will be good! And plans have been made to go to Cork, southwestern Ireland, for their folk festival with some friends. Once my check comes through, I'm planning on making some travel arrangements to mainland Europe, Northern Ireland and Scotland! So many adventures ahead and so little time!

I'm kind of in the mood to watch "The Little Mermaid" now. Haha, random I know, but my friends were singing "Kiss the Girl" last night and being around the sea/ ocean today it sort of makes sense in my random mind.

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