Saturday, September 12, 2009

Keeping on the Sunny Side

I believe it has been scientifically proven that sunlight helps to improve people's overall moods and makes them happy! Something to do with serotonin levels or something? I should google it. But anyways- it has sure had that effect on campus here at UCD. Even with classes underway- you can't help but at least half-smile when you step outside under a beautiful blue sky. I know this isn't going to last much longer, so I'm just excited while it does.

With this good weather, its made exercising much easier! Running in the rain last Sunday was a little rough. But I'm pretty excited about adding something different to the routine as I met a first year med student in the laundry mat (which is ridiculously expensive) yesterday and he mentioned that they were playing Ultimate Frisbee! I immediately perked up and said when and where? Now and follow me was his response! I wasn't particularly dressed for the occasion- so I went bare-foot and in sweats and surprised some with my pulling ability! My friends that were doing laundry with me came along as well, but chose to sit on the sidelines and observe. They were all really nice and the girl, Biatta, who was organizing it was crazy good. Maybe I could learn a thing or two off of her?

Classes went well this week. Only got confused once on the start time to one of my classes- but I didn't get lost and I wasn't late to any of my classes! The finance part of my Business Management class is going to be rough. Not in the sense of material, but the Prof is so dry. "Beuller ... Beuller ... Beuller, " doesn't even start to explain it. But I only have that Prof every other time for the first half of the course and the other guy is pretty good.

So the other night we finally got all 6 of the residents in Glenomena House 4- Apartment 8 together for dinner. It was a great time and the conversation continued on for about 3 hours :) We are all pretty different here in the 'house' but all got along very well. Hopefully we can continue to have dinner together at least once a week :)

Plans for today- hopefully playing frisbee again or resorting back to running, then meeting up with the one and only Sarah Jay Lewis! My friend from Purdue and Wesley arrived safely to Dublin for her exchange program with DIT. So I'm pretty excited to see her and share part of my Dublin experience with her :)

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