Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Home Indiana

I still can't quite wrap my head around that I'm actually home and done with John Deere for another summer! I mean, this summer has been nothing short of incredible and exhausting at the same time. But, I made it! I just had a good attitude going through it I suppose, stayed positive.

My last few nights in Reno where spent at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino. I did drop some money in the slots- ended up losing $20, but oh well, can't win if you don't play! I really didn't do any big celebration on my own, but my office threw a going away lunch for me, which was fun! There weren't many people left in the office as most of them have taken new jobs in the company restructuring, but those that were there made for great conversation- picking on my cube buddy Chad for wolfing down his pizza and cake, a purse one guy was having made for his daughter out of a certain body part of his water buffalo he killed in Africa (and not telling her of course) and then it was speech time for me. I thanked everyone once again for their help, support and encouragement throughout my summer and wished them all the best for wherever this restructuring is taking them.

The flight home. I was at the airport early- I was pretty excited to get home! I used the sky-cap service and I think I slipped by the overage charge on my bag, as they didn't have a scale out there and my big suitcase came through just fine! Both my flights were completely full, the one to Vegas was even in an over-sale situation. I at least inquired about other possible routes to Indianapolis, but she said she didn't have anything for the rest of that day. I definitely wasn't waiting until Sunday to come home! The flight attendant to Vegas tried to be funny. I'll give her props for her peppyness, but that's it. After having a hilarious flight attendant to Vegas from Kansas City about two weeks ago, this poor gal just didn't measure up. I sat next to a camera guy for a new NBC show coming out this winter, which I think he was sworn to secrecy about, because he kept avoiding my questions about it. He was heading to LA, surprise! Real nice guy- probably one of my best flying companions all summer! Then the flight from Vegas to Indy, I recognized a gal from my Reno flight and she recognized me too. She was a 14 year old that moved to Indiana from California about 6 years ago and was coming back after spending a month and half with her grandparents in California. She goes to a rival conference school of Pendleton's, so she thought that made us friends or something. At first I was like, "Cool, what a small world?" But then she kept on talking and talking and talking! She asked me to save her a seat, and out of the kindness of my heart I did. She seemed to strike up a conversation with this old guy sitting next to her- talking about her issues at home. Kind of weird I thought, but I had my ipod going and slept most the way home. You could tell that she wasn't excited to see her dad, he was waiting in the terminal and I don't think she even acknowledged his presence. Me on the other hand, as soon as I got to my parents in the atrium of the airport- dropped my stuff- and was immediately in a group hug that lasted a good 30 seconds or so.

Since I've been home- sleeping in my own bed with my dogs has probably been one of the biggest highlights. It was great going to the park service yesterday morning, because I didn't have to dress up, which meant I could sleep in in the morning! Well, sorta, the dogs don't understand the whole snooze concept when my alarm goes off. And unfortunately, I think they both fall under the 'old dog' category when it comes to teaching them new tricks. The horses seemed excited to see me. Chip is becoming an old grump since he hasn't been worked in forever, so he was just excited about the food I think. Dej has always been more of a 'people horse' and likes to check out what is going on- so it was good to see him too. Looking forward to getting at least some saddle time in while I'm home.

My 'to-do' list is getting longer and longer while I'm home though. Three doctor appointments, well one is a vet appointment I just made for the dogs this morning, ordering my bridesmaid dress for my bro's wedding in December and figuring out all the last details when it comes to Ireland. Health Insurance, tuition (which I just paid last night- there went a good chunk of John Deere's money), housing fees, bank account, phone, luggage restrictions and what to pack. Not to mention maybe wanting to spend some time with some friends? Then when I go to Purdue this coming weekend- I have a bridal shower, first worship at Wesley, visiting Camp Tecumseh, meetings with my academic and study abroad advisers and devotions Tuesday night at Wesley! Ha, it was funny on my flight to Vegas on my way home. I was talking with Rob (the camera guy) about what I do at school and stuff and he was like, "Wow! You're making me feel guilty about not doing anything in college!" The stuff I get myself into, but you know, I would probably be bored or disappointed in myself if I didn't keep myself this busy. I enjoy what I do and I suppose I'm a success junky? Or is that a stress junky?

Another thing still going on is my pursuit of some possible internships for next summer already. I'm looking into the World Equestrian Games, as they offer Public Relations, Community Relations, Marketing and Journalism internships. I don't know all the specifics and I'm waiting to gather all my recommendations and what not, before going any further. Also, Certified Horsemanship Association has an editorial internship that can be based out of a home office that I'm looking into as well. So many possibilities and who knows what Deere might throw at me next summer?

Well, I suppose I should start working on that 'to-do list.' I slept in longer than what I had intended and probably should stretch the legs and run before the humidity gets too unbearable. Oh, yes, got to love the Indiana humidity!

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