Saturday, August 22, 2009

Green Grass

Ok- so random title, I know. But every blog title I like to try and come up with something that I've been excited about or just embraces an overall mood or summary of what's been happening. And so when I thought about this past week being in Indiana and driving to Purdue today- I realized how much I have missed the 'greeness' of Indiana. And then also just reminiscing over these past 8 almost 9 months now- how many wonderful opportunities I have had or how 'green the grass has been' even in places like Amarillo and Reno! :) Then the third validation I'll make for this blog title is my next big adventure- IRELAND! A very 'green' country indeed.
This past week has been full of trying to figure out details and getting back into some sort of exercise routine again. Traveling this summer made it kind of difficult to keep anything steady- diet, workouts or sleep-patterns. After dropping 20 lbs last summer, I have somewhat maintained by only putting back on 6- not too shabby in my opinion, but my doctor warned me about rationalizations. So my motivation to get back into a routine and maintaining it is the fact that I already ordered the bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding when I get back in December. SIZE 8!!!!!! And yes, I really just did put my size up there for the whole world to see, because I'm pretty excited about it. Hopefully, mom will have to take up a few inches even when I get back. So if you talk, email, aim, skype or any other sort of communication that today's technically offers us at all these next 3 months- hold me to that size 8!
It is fantastic being at Purdue for a few days! Its so exciting to see everyone and hear about what they did with their summers and just to re-connect. I'm hanging out in my old room at Aldersgate (the house that is owned by the campus ministry, Wesley Foundation) admiring the bright green walls! I got to pick the paint color since I was the main person primarily living in this room for a year and half and I mean, they are bright green! I love 'em! The drive over today was great- I didn't even have to bust out a map or my Garmin- I know how to get here :) On my way I saw several Purdue license plates or stickers in car windows around 465 W heading to the good ol' town of West Lafayette! The last half-hour seemed to take forever, so I called one of my Texas friends to catch up with her and pass the time. I was ready to be here!
I came over today specifically for a bridal shower. One of my old house mates, Deana is getting married! It was my first bridal shower to go to and while she got a lot of cooking/ kitchen stuff- I was the one to get her the 'funny gift.' Yep- I got her some underwear. Just a cute pair of panties that had a bride saying on them and then a more practical gift- a laundry hamper as well. But it had a theme to it- so I thought it worked out alright :). Also got to design a bridal gown out of toilet paper for my 6'5" paster. We went with a mermaid style, very modern, to show off his physique. Accessories included a 'butt-bow' and detailing around the bodice and the entire ensemble also was comprised of a veil and a bouquet. I was the 'presenter' and had a great closing line after Glen (my pastor) made the comment that he really did feel beautiful in the gown- "It's amazing what the perfect dress can do!" My friends just stopped and said no wonder I was in marketing and informed me that David's Bridal could probably use a new bridal consultant!
It is just amazing to see how everyone just gels back together even after being away for a summer. My old room mate/ sister Lindsey and I were already starting to finish each other's sentences within an hour after seeing each other for the first time in about 5 months. You just get those special people in your life and it's amazing how the chemistry just works itself out. Now that's some good stoichiometry right there!
Well, I need to be working on a devotion for Tuesday night's communion service. I have some broad ideas but I want to combine my past two big adventures and some underlining themes from "The Shack" about God's love. So yes, very broad, now just have to narrow it down.
Wish me luck and Boiler Up!!!!!!!!

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