Monday, August 10, 2009

Little different post this time- I'm pretty pooped from a long day so I'm just going to hit the highlights of what I have been up to and the ramblings in my mind:

- Friday after work I finally found my long-lost running shoes and went for a run on the hills across the street from the condo. I found Bucky, the horse that my friend Ruth from the pool told me about. He came trotting over all excited and then proceeded to walk away when he realized I didn't have any food for him. Sarah's friend Kevin came to hang out for the weekend. We went to Bully's, a sports' bar, and watched some of the baseball games. Kevin called it when A-Rod got up to bat for the Yankees that he'd end the crazy long 15-inning game! And sure enough, A-Rod hit a homer with Jeter on base.
We then caught a late movie. Even the 'baby', as in me, was pretty pooped by the time it ended. We watched "Funny People". It was a good movie, just a little bit long for a comedy and seemed almost more like a drama actually at times.

- Saturday we headed back to our 'back-yard' which most would know as Lake Tahoe! We checked out some of the shops at South Tahoe and ate some good food. Then it was time to hit the trails! Kevin is a big hiker and we started up the Mt. Tallac trails. Sarah and I pooped out around Fallen Lake Leaf but Kevin was dead set on reaching that summit. Sarah and I went back into town and did a little more shopping, which we were apparently ratted out by Kevin to some other hikers about. We had ice-cream at Camp Richardson while waiting for Kevin to accomplish his goal. I had some issues eating my ice-cream, we'll just leave it at that.
We got the call from Kevin that he had made it safely up and back down the mountain, so we swung by to pick him up and hit up Emerald Bay one last time. As soon as we got back, we all passed out! I was in bed by 10:30!!!!! I'm not even in bed at that time during the work week!

- Sunday morning came around and feeling refreshed and rested, I headed off to South Reno United Methodist Church for my last time. Well, I can't say it's my last, but most likely. Of course, this is the Sunday that I get drilled with 20 questions from everyone. I even tried to sneak past the pastors- ya, that didn't work too well. The associate pastor tried to place me, and I apologized and admitted that I hadn't introduced myself, but had enjoyed my time here.
So, on my bucket list when I came out to Reno included a trail ride at Lake Tahoe. That has now been fulfilled! My bum is still complaining that it wasn't in it's usual saddle. It was a beautiful ride with great views of the lake. The only downside I would say would be that I was on a Paint named Rodney. Being an AQHA girl, this was a hard pill to swallow. But I suppose I can get over it because Rodney got me up and down the mountain safely.
I hung out after my ride with one of the old cowboys who was my guide. He was pretty excited that someone actually came to ride that knew something about a horse other than the fact that they had four feet and a tail. He was full of great stories of old days in rodeo, working cattle and being a pack guide. He has met some pretty famous people while guiding in the Tetons and couldn't tell me enough about his mare, Rose.
I packed like a mad-woman last night and this morning and now I am resting my head at a Hampton Inn in Tulare, California after a JDAim training session at a dealership.

Some other things I've been up to is continuing my summer reading program, which consists of whatever looks good at Barnes and Noble, meaning I don't get too far past the best-seller's list! I'm working on The Shack and would like to hear anyone's opinions on it if they have read it.
And then a random thought after an observation. My drive to work is actually a rather pleasant one, with small horse farms and winding my way along a hill that overlooks the city. There were two horses, a gray and a bay (just like mine back home) at the beginning of the summer. This past month there has just been the bay, but now there are sheep as well. The interesting thing is that there is one sheep that is always off with the horse and the rest of the sheep are off on top of the hill. I think it's rather sweet how two different creatures have made friends! Maybe people should practice that more often, making friends with those are different than us.

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