Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Such a Good Day!

Phew! Gave my final presentation to management at the John Deere Ag Marketing Center, made a great contact for a possible internship with the World Equestrian Games and got the green light for an offer with Deere again next summer as long as their new Global Operating Model (re-structuring) allows. Then topped it all off with while attending a great game of the all-American passtime- baseball!

I'll start with the presentation. After a great dinner with my cousin Monday night, I had a new sense of confidence. As I have written about before- I have some patience issues being content with where I'm at and leaving the 'unknowns' in my life up to God. Jonathan reminded that the only thing I can find true contentment is in Christ. He also was an outside source of confidence in that he was so supportive and in all that I have accomplished over the last year. So as I was saying my prayers last night I really took it all in and realized how much I have really been blessed with as far as personal gifts and talents and realized that that all came from God. So really, it wasn't me, it was the gifts given to me presenting today. So that finally allowed me to relax enough to fall asleep last night and then calmed any little butterflies that were trying to fly around in my stomach this morning which resulted in a relaxed, easy-going and effective presentation this morning. Even though certian lines I had played out in my head didn't come out just in right sequence that didn't really matter or phase me and I just kept going. I had three great questions, one that was two-fold from the former Reno Branch Manager and was able to answer them all intelligably. After the fact I got some great comments to from some upper management. Then the suit jacket came off and the shirt came un-tucked because I was done!!!!

The day continued to get better as the VP of Marketing and Sales of the Ag Region 4 (New Zealand, Austrailla and North America) took a special interest in my project at lunch when we introduced ourselves. So the day kept getting better. Next came my 'exit interview' with HR, basically to discuss my internship, my performance and the possible future opportunities within Deere for me. Again, more flying colors came in as far as my performance and discussed my key interests within the Equine Industry and possibly tailoring another project for me around that! SWEET!

Finally I had a few moments to steal away to go upstairs and visit a little bit with my old department. I love Ag National Sales and the people that work there. I met the soon to be new manager for the department with all the re-structuring going on and smoothly mentioned to one of my advisors from last summer that I'm pursuing an internship with the World Equestrian Games next summer. He has some connections with the people at WEG and was more than willing to drop a resume and a good note onto them for me!

Then to top the day off- I got to enjoy one of America's favorite passtimes- a baseball game on a beautiful evening in Kansas City and in a beautiful baseball park!

So again- exhale! Trust and keep stepping my way through all these great opportunities. How blessed am I? Seriously? Oh and more good news came as my soon to be sister-in-law landed a teaching job in a small private Christian pre-school/ kindergarten in Wilmore, KY as their newest kindergarten teacher! Another answer to prayers as it gets her into a classroom and an actual teaching position! Go EVA!!!!!!

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