Saturday, September 1, 2012


This is a picture that my mom sent me of my horse this evening. There are times I really wish he was with me, but when I see him in a big, green pasture like this - how can I take him away from that? He is a happy, old man and he will finish out his days in that pasture. 

I think I miss him for more of a time in my life that he represents. People may not understand this unless they have had a horse as a young child, but he was seriously my best friend. He might have acted like he didn't care about me, or didn't show affection - but he always kept giving that extra effort and put up with me messing/primping him those long nights before shows. My mom would remind me that Chip was a "boy" after all as I spent hours bathing him, banding his mane and clipping him. 

He was a huge responsibility to take care of and challenge to work with and to get those blue ribbons - but I LOVED IT ALL! My perfectionism reared its ugly head early and I credit a lot of my work ethic to my show days. 

But.... that was almost 7 years ago. I enjoy reminiscing, but Chip is enjoying retirement and I have grown up a bit sense then. Maybe not literally, still pretty darn short, but my life has taken me places I could have never dreamed about! 

So to the title of this post, "Gypsy." I'm about to make the move number 15 in the last 6 years for my new job in the Dallas area. Everywhere I've been has been such a great experience and most so much so, I didn't want to leave. Goodbyes do not get easier with practice. But with each new move, I realize I have made great friends and have thoroughly enjoyed my time/life wherever I was. So I'm taking that same attitude as a piece of insurance that everything will work out just fine with this move.

Don't get me wrong - there will be tears when I drive away from Georgia in just over a week. I have been blessed with family and friends in my life (both human and non) that have formed a huge support structure for me. I have learned from them, leaned on them for advice and encouragement and shared several laughs with them along the way. So I'm trying to stay optimistic and embrace this next chapter in my life as I look fondly back in the past to those experiences that have shaped me into who I am today.

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