Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness

So I'm watching the Purdue and Kansas game right now and thought the title was appropriate not just because of basketball (believe it or not I haven't really been following college basketball this year) but also because things have just been crazy! Work is super busy with a big dealer training event happening right now on top of what our daily duties are. Then also the joys of growing up continue to add stress in my life.

But please don't get me wrong, life is great! I've been trying to run as much as possible and I've been upping my miles. So far I've gotten up to 7.5 miles! I ran two 5K's with some really good times: 26.16 and 26.35! the second one was WAY hilly, so I'm proud of that time :) But I've been having fun spending the money to get the gear - good shoes, GPS watch and cool clothes :)

Even caught some pool time this weekend and by running outside, I'm enjoying this Georgia sun :) What is annoying about Georgia though is the pine pollen! It is like bright, yellow chalk dust that just covers all the cars, the railings in the stairwells and just everything! I'll wash Tex and the next morning he looks horrible again. Oh the joys of a black truck.

Hmm.... So life lesson to make this post actually somewhat meaningful. For this training event, I've been in charge of all of the logistics for it all and it has been a huge learning experience for sure. These shows/ events take a lot of behind the scenes work to pull them off. Someone jumped in and helped me take out the trash and I was so grateful for his help. I expressed that to him and he said in return, "If you're too big to do the small things, then you're too small to do the big things." I've been rolling with this moto at those moments when someone needs to step in and do the small things and it keeps me rolling through and the show keep going!

Welp - Boilers are up by 6, 36-30 at the half and Hummel is lighting it up - BOILER UP!!!!

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