Saturday, January 12, 2013


A relatively uneventful, yet welcomed calm Friday evening led me to bed around 10:30 pm. And typically I have no issues sleeping the night through - but woke up around 2 am from a weird dream and am now wide awake. I come across a good blog idea today actually and decided it is far past due that I post something. Even if no one follows this much anymore - that's fine. I still enjoy putting up my ramblings :)

So first off - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am now settled into the great state of Texas in my adorable house and feel like I'm doing well with the new job so far. These past couple of weeks with the holidays and all have made me realized how incredibly blessed I am even if I'm still in a transition period in my life.

And now my somewhat meaningful topic I would like to talk about - please enjoy this adorable YouTube video and don't forget to come back after viewing and finish reading :).

Three things that warmed my heart about this:
1 - The little boy not letting the moment by. As in - granted he is just a baby and typically babies aren't stressed out with a job, family and friend drama or worried about money, politics or current world issues, but he still stops, recognizes an opportunity to enjoy one of the small/simple things in life and takes advantage of it.

2 - The dog. Obviously the love, patience and loyalty shown by this animal to this boy is amazing. I mean, who is really taking who for a walk in this situation? That dog is a great babysitter! The animal/human connection and relationship is such a blessing to us all!

3 - Pace in life. So this piggy-backs off of #1, but did you notice how slow and thoughtfully the boy laid down the leash? No doubt about it - he was going to go back and check out that puddle! Lesson there: Whatever pace of life you live - make it a point to stop and thoroughly enjoy whatever you are doing.

So - that's my story for the night and I'm sticking to it!
Good night/ morning y'all!


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