Sunday, January 1, 2012

Next Chapter

And I'm off again on yet another adventure! A southern adventure this time though y'all! 
Daddy helped me load the car tonight and tomorrow morning I'll be on my way to Augusta, GA for my next rotation with John Deere working mainly with the 5000 series, but also doing some other projects with the smaller tractors.

So I realize it has been two months since I last posted anything. My bad. Here's a quick recap:
- I left straight from homecoming to Sarasota, Florida for three weeks where I worked a training event and had a BLAST!!!
- Spent two weeks in Mannheim, Germany for a customer fly-in for 6000 series customers. This was obviously a phenomenal experience, especially right before Christmas with all the decorations :)
- My cousin Jonathan married my KC friend Miss Alina. I was so happy for them and the wedding was beautiful in a refurbished barn.
- Did my final report out for my last rotation and it went super awesome - I even juggled as an illustration. I guess I'll do anything for an applause?!?!
- Enjoyed some downtime around the holidays and spending it with the family back in Indiana and had an epic New Years as it served as a Purdue friend reunion in Chicago!!! 

Yep, that's about the just of what's been up with me! Pretty boring actually :P

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