Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Made It

As most would assume, I made it safe and sound this go down to Georgia. My truck ran like a dream and I'm LOVING IT!!!!! Again, I do not recommend crashing your car if you are thinking about buying a new one. Still taking suggestions for names though. I'm still thinking a boy's name and now the options are down to Bruce, Brutus and Baxter. It is just a hard decision to make - I want it to be a tough name, but still unique and classy at the same time.

So far I've been trying to stay out of trouble. There is a pretty good group of younger employees down here so I've been out with some of them already and went to a hockey game with some of the product support people. I also have enjoyed running around my complex and just exploring. I LOVE my apartment. The shopping part of it was frustrating, but it is a gorgous complex and I have lots of space. My furniture looks great in it and I've had fun decorating it. Still need to go curtain shopping, but it definitely feels like home :) I have also made the decision to not get cable or internet in my apartment. You calling me crazy? Maybe I am. Here is my reasoning:
1- Save some money (especially since I'm making truck payments and also higher insurance).
2 - I have a smart phone so I can some basic internet tasks on there and the clubhouse to my complex has free WiFi and I can get into there 24/7 if need be. Also, with the smartphone - I've been listening to a lot of Pandora for background noise.
3 - I have plenty of books and craft materials to keep me busy.
4 - It is just peaceful.
5 - I wanted to make my college roommate, Kathleen Paola, proud of me :)
6 - If I want to watch a game or something, it forces me to be more social

I've definitely hit the ground running with my job. It has been a lot to learn, really fast! I'm so grateful for my previous Deere knowledge and experiences or I would be totally lost. I like the challenge and the fast-pace work style at a factory though or at least that is the way it is down here. The team is super supportive and I can't complain when a morning is spent learning how to drive tractors in order to get them ready for shipping to a show or something. Yes, I'm still learning how to drive lol! The smaller ones are super easy, but as they get bigger, they become a lot more complicated.

Well, that's my update for now - I'll work on some pics and all coming up. I'm checking out a church in the morning so I'm hoping to meet some new friends :)

Oh and since my sister-in-law gave me a shout out the other day - I want to do the same for her. Check out her really cute blog
Have a wonderful Saturday (its pouring here, but at least it isn't snow)!

Ps - the font I'm going to blog in while I'm down here is "Georgia." Seems appropiate? :)

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