Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well poop

I know its been awhile since I've got on here. Life is going way too fast! The job is GREAT! I  love working at the factory and everyone I have met has been great. I've been blogging on a company blog which is why I have neglected this one. Sorry.

So I've been physically slowed down recently though. I injured my knee at the end of May playing basketball here with the interns. The ER doctor knew squat - told me to rest and I'd be fine. So that's what I did. Three weeks no basketball, frisbee or softball! It was rough.

I hosted a big fly-in last week and it went super awesome! My knee was feeling better too so I decided to continue my happiness and try playing some basketball again! Bad, bad, bad idea. I drove the lane, went up for a lay-up and my knee twisted all over again. I made the shot, even though I didn't watch it go in because I was in so much pain again that I just fell to the court. So I literally scooted myself off the court and made an appointment at a sports med place to actually talk to some people who knew what the heck they were doing.

So last Thursday I got in and the doctor thought it looked like a torn meniscus, but wasn't ruling out any ACL damage either and scheduled me for an MRI. But that was good news in that 1- I had some better answers as to what was wrong with me and 2- the meniscus repair would be pretty minor.

Here's where the title of the blog comes in- got a call back from my doctor from my MRI this morning and although they were not the 'official' results, she said it was pretty obvious that I tore my ACL. So now its a matter of when and where I want to have the surgery done. I know some people let it go and let it heal without, but I don't want to worry about this knee for the rest of my life and if I ever want to play ball and all again without constantly wondering if I'm going to twist it again, then there really is no option. It's just kind of a bad situation as I want to finish my internship but not have it interfere with school either. So POOP!

Not sure if anyone will read this, but I feel better after my typing/blogging therapy. :)

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