Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Adventure

Every day I get to cross the Mississippi River twice! I'm back with John Deere again this summer working in East Moline as Harvester Works, which is where they make those awesome green combines!!!! My goal is to become a combine expert, well at least as close to one as possible, by the end of the summer!

My Spring semester at Purdue ended nicely. Grades are available 8 am Eastern time, so I'm crossing my fingers for all A's. There is only one that I'm not sure about. But anyways, there was a quick turn around from finals to my new job.

So far the job is going well. Just a lot to take in and to try and incorporate what exactly I'm supposed to be doing. So far my manager and I are trying to incorporate all of my projects into one broader 'Customer Relationships' theme.

I haven't really reached out to the other interns yet because I've been dealing with sinus headaches during this transition. So by the time I get off work, then I'm ready to crash! But I'm really excited to make it down to Kansas soon to see some of my old intern friends and connect with the rest of the marketing interns :) There won't be any crazy travel stories this year, my project will be here at Harvester, but there is plenty to learn here. I have permission to go on any and as many tours as I want so there will be plenty of miles on the tram under the roof of the factory :)

Well, sorry this is short and I  haven't written in awhile, but I need to get some food soon before Purdue's  Latin and Ball Room Dance club is on Dancing with the Stars and Glee is on later tonight too :) Some good tv to chill out on tonight :)

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