Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So my last blog was pretty negative, especially for me. I mean, I did get some bad news, so I wasn't a very happy camper. But it's amazing to me how God works.

The very next day, I hosted and drove the tour for the Wounded Warrior group that was having a conference at the Rock Island Arsenal. My limp fit right in, but these guys were mainly from Iraq and a handful were young, not much older than me.

I feel I worded it best as yes, I'm bummed that this silly, semi-small piece of tissue is slowing me down and keeping me from the things I love such as basketball, frisbee and riding horses, but these guys went to a foreign country and put themselves in harm's way to protect my freedom to do those things. These guys were brought to tears to see the appreciation that the factory workers had for them. The factory was full of flags and banners thanking these guys for what they do. By the end of the tour, the soldiers were hugging me!

I'm still young and I will heal. These things are pretty routine and I have a good surgeon lined up back home that will fix me up in just over a month and within a year, I'll only have a scar to remind me of this and a set of crutches collecting dust in the closet. I'll also have a pretty sweet brace that will most likely become part of my athletic apparel which will make me look pretty legit :)

While I'll be missing my amateur return to the Henry County annual free-for-all pick-up football game and my last chance for a intramural flag football championship is shot - life could be so much worse. I have a sweet job for the summer, endless possibilities ahead of me, great friends, a loving family and a victory lap left in school before the real world hits! So it's all about the perspective. There's my usual positive self - hope y'all enjoyed having her back!

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