Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Temporary False Identity

Just to give you all a heads up - I'm working on a project for my COM 252 class where we have to do a website for our final project. Creating a blog was one of our options, so I've made a second blog to act like the news room for the Jahari Dance Troop here at Purdue.

The thing is that my 'about me' carried over to that blog as well so I made up a fictitious little  bio and all my information to temporarily match what I need for the project. It's going to be like this for a little while, so sorry for the inconvience and I'll be back to the real Britt Cassiday in about 2 weeks!

Sorry for not posting much - life at Purdue is keeping me busy but no really awesome stories like I had to share on my travels, at least I don't think so. Although, I listened to a Webinar the other day about personal branding, so I might start using this blog to do a little bit more of that, rather than a diary format. Not sure - so stay tuned! 

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