Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello Strangers

Whether or not I really have very many people reading this, I wanted to say hello to y'all because you probably feel like strangers since I have not blogged in awhile. Well, today is your lucky day, because I just finished up my homework for my next class that meets in about 25 minutes and I have nothing else to do. I mean, I set aside some quality time in my busy schedule to write to you all :)

Last time I wrote I was coming home from Spring Break and that seems like forever ago, even though it was just a short two weeks. When I mean short, I mean BUSY! The first week back I hit the ground running with assignments, exams, speeches, projects and papers. Yay American continual assessment teaching styles! Seriously, I did not feel this stressed out during the semester in Ireland. But this world is one of give and take and stress hit me like a BRICK WALL come finals. But, see it as I will only be taking 2 finals this semester for my 6 classes, granted I get a high enough grade in my Ag Econ class to be excused from the final, I don't think finals week will be too stressful except for the fact that I'm moving out the day of my last final because I have to report to work that following Monday! So ya, maybe stressful but in a whole new way. I love finding new ways to push myself to the limits! That right there folks was sarcasm at its finest, which I have been told I'm pretty good at ;)

Speaking of strangers, I had a repeat creepy foreign older guy trying to pick me up experience. Except it was here on campus and the guy was totally American, but definitely too old to be hitting on college girls. After having previous experience with this, I immediately realized what he was up to, said "Thanks and have a nice day," and walked off. In later discussions with friends we were trying to decide if I should be flattered or creeped out, we decided on a compromise of both! Why couldn't have that been a crazy cute, smart, funny, rich cowboy? I don't think I ask for too much?

Easter was a great weekend! Busy, so it fit perfectly into my schedule! Went home Friday night just in time for the Good Friday service with my parents and Grandma. Then we went to Dairy Queen afterwards, which is always yummy :) Saturday morning mom and I hit the stores bright and early and I got some cute dresses to wear on campus now that the weather is all nice and springy :) Saturday afternoon was a bridal shower for one of my friends at Wesley, which was way fun, even though I didn't know very people there it was exciting because she's getting married and all that bride/wedding stuff is always exciting :) Saturday afternoon/evening was my first of two Easter dinners with my aunt and uncle, grandma, parents and then a family friend who I consider an aunt as well. Then, mom and I topped off Saturday by watching the late showing of "How to train your dragon," which was AWESOME! Phew, and we're not even to Easter Sunday yet folks! Obviously church in the morning which was an awesome service. Very high-church, the sanctuary was all decked out and packed! Just a really cool vibe. Then it was nap time before meeting my brother and Eva in Indy from their way back from Eva's home in Illinois. We ate at Olive Garden (YUMMY) and then I made my way back to Purdue just in time for a few really awesome games of Ultimate Frisbee with my Wesley friends! So again, Easter weekend was pretty awesome!

Well, I hope y'all feel special that I set aside some very important time to update y'all. But in all honesty, my class is about to start and I get my grade back from a major paper that I wrote, so keep your fingers crossed for me please :)

Happy Friday,

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