Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Watching Airplanes

Blogging from the airport once again! I am writing from probably one of my favorite airports- Denver International Airport! I don't know what it is about this place, because it is a huge airport and I'm not one for crowds, but I just like the feel of it and the people movers are always fun!

Well, I'm on my way back to Indiana from Amarillo from Spring Break. Kind of a bummer to be leaving again. Amarillo is definitely a place where I could call home and will definitely be in the job search mix next Fall!

My week consisted of watching movies, hanging out with friends, riding horses up and down the road and two-stepping!!!!!! Oh my gosh, words can not describe how awesome it was to be back on the dance floor! lol! I heard from several of my Texas friends that I could fit in just fine down there and wondered if Texans and Hoosiers were alike, and I warned them most likely they weren't. I know I was born to the right family, I love them to death, but sometimes question my state of origin.

We had some crazy weather. It snowed like 3 to 5 inches Friday night into Saturday. Literally white-out conditions. I was glad that I wasn't driving so I could sit there and close my eyes and bite my fingernails off. It was kind of scary but my friend Cheyenne and then Alan drove their big, bad trucks through it all just fine!

I think the greatest thing accomplished this week was just an overall ego boost actually. I don't mean to sound conceded but whenever you're around people that appreciate you and make you feel very welcomed and loved, it does a lot for your self- worth. I can't express my appreciation enough for everyone down here and how I feel about them all.

I even got some sun this weekend. Besides our snow we had some good days with highs up in the 70's. Between riding and talking with Cheyenne and just being outside, I have a nice toasty red color to me :) Hopefully it'll fade into tan, hopefully.

I'm heading back to a busy week at Purdue. Nearly Naked Mile, Speech, advising meeting, then a paper and project coming due soon. It's all guns a-firing until the end of the semester and then I'm starting right away with Deere. I definitely need weeks like this past one in order to catch my breath. So back to busy, busy life, but with a refreshed attitude.

Oh-ya. Being in Texas made the Purdue win over Texas A&M that much sweeter! Everyone counted us out after Hummel went down, but we're going to the Sweet 16! That is about the only thing that makes me happy about this season of March Madness as my bracket is totally busted, thanks to Northern Iowa! And then the other unforeseen upsets. So my motto through the rest of the tournament is BOILER UP!!!!!!!!!

Oh and my comment on the healthcare reform- I'm leery, scared and concerned. I agree that something needed to be done, but this is going to be one huge mess! All we can do is pray and trust in God's plan in all of this and know that He will make the best possible outcome!

Amarillo by morning, Purdue by night!

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