Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some More Life in Ireland

Sorry- I'm a slacker. I have some spare time here though, so I'll update y'all on what's been going on. Last weekend was fun, differed a wee bit from my initial plans, but its all good- just hung around campus and went out with the roomies on Saturday night to a comedy club, saw Zombieland, went to church, had an amazing workout on Sunday- the usual.
Now I'm back in classes for the week and the week is almost over :) Time goes by fast when you're busy. Classes during the day- training for the tetrathlon at night- there are not enough hours to the day!

Tetrathlon training has been going well. Monday night I got to shoot a pistol! I was pretty excited. It was under the water tower here on campus. It was kind of shady actually, cuz you go through this shady looking door, down a stairwell and it opens up into this room that kind of reminded me of the Gate Room from Stargate (sorry if you don't get the analogy.) But, I did pretty well for my first time- hit the target at least with all 20 of my shots. The instructor was happy enough with it, so I was too! Then I went swimming on Tuesday night. A few of the first years and I bravely got on a bus and found this pool about 15 minutes away from campus. Me, not being a huge swimmer, found myself right with the rest of the girls ability wise, and I had a good time :) Last night was a little rough- after a hard personal run on Sunday, then a hard run with the team Monday night, swimming (which I found new muscles sore that I apparently don't use as much when I run), I decided to call it quits early instead of risking injury on a cold, wet night.

So last night I was talking with my roommate Josh about setting goals. Like his is to ride a motorcycle across Europe. He's a big dreamer- but he'll make it happen, I know he will. He then turned the tables on me and asked, "What's something that you've always dreamed about?" You know, I had to think about it. I have never had anything huge like that since I wanted to be the first lady president, but that is a dream/goal long gone now. I suppose initially it was to show horses on a national/world level- but that takes a lot of time to build up to and lots of money- two things that I am currently lacking. He then tried to focus me on something that could be obtained within the next 5 years. I suppose my only response to that would be to be in all 50 states- I'm up to 34 as is. But you see, I'm not a huge traveller- like I don't have huge aspirations to go out and see the world. If it happens- great- but not necessary for me to live a complete life I suppose. Haha- sounds totally contradictory compared to this grand adventure I have set forth for myself this past year (grand in my mind at least.) To be honest, I'm ready to see Indiana again. I might go stir-crazy when I get back, but we'll just see what happens when I get back. But there is nothing wrong with goal-setting or dreaming- much better than sitting around, complacent, when you can do so much more. So thanks Josh!

Alright... sorry for the short update- but I am celebrating one of my friend's bday today by going on a horse trek! I finally get my butt in a saddle again! I'm pretty excited! It might be a wet saddle, but at this point, I really don't care, I'll take a change of clothes with me ;).

I hope this finds you all well. Oh- my friend Rachel has started a new blog- "Blonde Circus" . She's a hopeful law student (which she'll get in, cuz she's just that freak'n amazing) and comments much more on society, politics and such than I do. Its pretty funny, although, I didn't really like the part of her "drooling over the Case IH website." Green is where its always been at dear, and always will be ;)



  1. Hahaha.... sounds good when you say it like that, but like I said- a dream that has seen its end when I 'woke up' and realized it wasn't for me.