Friday, October 16, 2009

I've Got an Hour to Kill

So I was late to my Equine Industries class on Monday because of my awesome trip to John Oxx's place, which meant I missed the announcement that we wouldn't be having anymore 9 am lectures on Friday mornings unless my lecturer needed them. So I showed up to find a staff person vacuuming our usual room, instead of my classmates and teacher. Opps! But the computer lab is very quiet and I'm listening to my iPod until my next lecture at 10 and decided to jump on here and add a lovely new post.

It's been a pretty uneventful week I suppose. I had an exam on Wednesday morning that I felt went well. About the only downfall to the week was that you could measure the amount of time I spent studying on Tuesday night by the huge pile of Kleenex that accumulated on my desk, and yes, eventually the trashcan (excuse me, bin) when I tidied up a bit, from a silly little flu/cold bug trying to set in. Well I showed it! The past two days, I have taken like 4 hour naps on top of at least a 6 to 8 hour night of sleep! HA! So needless to say now, I am feeling much better and eating some yummy oranges to keep some extra Vitamin C pumping in me.

I feel pulled somewhat between really settling down here and wanting to be home. These past three weeks have been a whirl-wind with all the traveling I've been doing, but now that I'm in one place for 2 weeks it kind of makes me a little stir-crazy. Although, I do feel like I'm starting to fit in here. I have like 4 different groups of friends: My housemates, my girlfriends that I've been traveling with, my equestrian classmates and then the equestrian club members. The other day walking back from classes, I said hello to like 7 different people. Oh my gosh, I bet I could Lindsey Junk in the popularity game over here! Not really fair I suppose when considering the circumstances, but I'm sure she would find some way of knowing someone or having at least a mutual friend of someone through all those crazy connections she has and that whole thing of '6 degrees of separation.' I'm down to about 8 and half weeks left here, where I have 3 more weekend trips planned and possibly another two depending on the finances in the works. Then there are these things called finals that I will also be dealing with, so plenty to keep me busy and make the time pass.

Hmm... what else is going on? Well it is slightly painful to type this right now as Josh, my roommate (the guy from Purdue as well- still can't get over how random that is), showed me some new things on his guitar last night. It has been since Texas that I played, so like May. I was very rusty, but he was kind enough to pity me and teach me a thing or two and then loan me his guitar for practice. Its sad, because now I have say goodbye to my pretty fingernails :(. He is really good and I can definitely learn a lot from him, but he's leaving in like two weeks for an internship in France. I'm going to be bummed when he leaves as he's been a really good friend here, but this is an awesome internship where he is going to save the world- so who am I to stop that?

I spend a lot time on facebook- it is an addiction I suppose, but I have a lot of spare time here. Classes aren't really that demanding I feel, or maybe that's a sign I should be doing some more individual study? So that's been a good tool to stay in touch with friends back home. Feel free to drop a message in my inbox or slap something up on my wall and let me know what's up! I'm actually doing a really good job of updating pictures- for some reason I have much better luck uploading pictures here than I did in Reno- so take a peek at those as well. So two things that I've been really good at are updating pictures and keeping up this blog- got to keep my priorities straight you know- just figuring out what's important!

Weekend plans include going to a movie tonight "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" with Josh, then just hanging around Dublin, maybe do a little sight-seeing? I have still to make it out to Howth, which is a peninsula not far from here that is suppose to have some amazing views with the cliffs and the ocean and fancy smancy houses :) Church on Sunday- I've been missing that with all these travels- so it'll be nice to get back to that. I've been feeling a little disconnected recently and my friend from Texas, Shiney, posted a video yesterday that was extremely good and was something that I needed to hear. Thanks for that Shiney- sending your love all the way from Texas!

Well I've successfully killed 50 minutes, not bad, although my lecture won't start for another 15 to 20 minutes. I hope this finds you well and I'll talk to y'all later!


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