Friday, October 2, 2009


I don't care how old you are- everyone loves going to the zoo! I know I sure do, especially one that's not the Indianapolis Zoo. Don't get me wrong the Indy Zoo is great, and I'd go there anytime at the drop of the hat, but its always great to go somewhere new.

The rebel in me came out a little bit when I crashed another class's feildtrip. The Animal Health and Behavior Class was going to the zoo and specifically checking out the renovations done recently to the Elephant House and their techniques of training and care. My Equine Science friends were in this class which is how I heard about it. When they said their lecturer wouldn't even notice and that she wasn't even riding the bus but meeting us there, I said, "Why not?"

I did email her though, trying to do the right thing, but when I got no response, I just went anyways. The worst that could happen would be I would get there and have to pay my own way in to walk around the zoo for awhile. I had a bus pass, so I could always get back to campus alright. Sometimes you just gotta go for it and I did. I wasn't there to make any trouble, so I didn't see the harm.

I was totally in the clear- no attendence, no nothing. Just an enjoyable afternoon at the zoo learning about elephants! (FOR FREE!!!!) We got to go inside the Elephant House and the keepers talked to us about their training and overall maintance of the elephants and their facility. It was quite interesting to see all of the extra enrichment that they think of in order to keep the animals happy and give them an environment that resembles their natural environment as much as possible. They have five elephants at the Dublin Zoo, two sisters who are 19 and 25, and then their offspring which includes a brother and sister, 6 and 1 and then a half sister that's 2.

When I got home I was just hanging out with my roomies and the idea to go outside and play a little game of friendly American Football came up! So we went out on the little lawn in between the apartments and had ourselves a great craic! I've missed Football so much and it was great to get out there and stretch the arm a little bit :) I'm hoping the best for my Boilermakers tomorrow for Homecoming. Unforuntally I'll be travelling and won't be able to listen in the game. Here's a shout out to PASE and PASE BoD, Motar Board, Alpha Zeta and Wesley for all of their Homecoming festivities- I hope all goes well for you!

I'm headed off to Cork in a little bit! Another weekend out with the girls and then some other people! Its going to be a big group but should be a really good time! I'm excited to see some more of Ireland! Have a great weekend y'all and BOILER UP!!!!!!!!

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