Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Road Again

FINALLY- I'm on the road almost constantly like I had intended the entire summer to be. This past week I visited three dealers in three days in Washington and Oregon and was teased by being so close to cities like Seattle and Portland, but not actually getting to explore them.

I did however get to see a lot of the country as I traveled around to the different territories up there. The amount of crops and the variety of equipment used still boggles my mind being a mid-western girl who is used to the short-list of crops of corn, beans, wheat and oh- some hay. I crossed the Columbia River quite a few times and had my picture taken by Stonehenge. Not the one in England yet, but one that was built in honor of some local service men from World War 1.

The territory managers that I traveled with were great! It was neat getting to travel with them and learning about where they've come from, their career within the company and what their duties entail. I could definitely see myself being a territory manager someday for Deere. They are out and about almost everyday and their main goals are to make sure the dealers are performing at high efficiency, going after the right customers and being the go-to person between the dealers and Deere and Company. Another nice thing would be to be able to be in one place for awhile and not moving around so much with the Company.

Overall, great trip. I also spoiled myself by eating at the restaurant in my hotel. I stayed at a pretty cool lodge and had my first lobster in my lobster ravioli with a glass of chardonnay and topped off a great meal with some tiramusi. I felt like I could spoil myself after my workout that evening of a hard uphill 2 miles and a swim!

Right now my condo smells like brownies and I still have a pie to make to take to the company picnic tomorrow :) Going to show everyone some real Hoosier Hospitality by attempting my momma's famous sugar cream pie. Hopefully I can win the bake-off and take on some of these wives in the office.

This week has some great times in store for me! I'm driving down to south central California for a dealer visit, then making my way back to Reno through Yosemite with a flight time Wednesday afternoon to INDIANA!!!! I'm so excited to be coming home for the Henry County Fair. Yes, its a long way to go for a county fair, but I haven't been home for over two months and its about time :) There is a good ol' football game on with all the old gang! I am so blessed- I'll be starting next Wednesday in Yosemite National Park in California and ending the day in Anderson, Indiana. This next month is going to fly and then I'm off to Ireland- my last and final step to a crazy year! Before I know it I'll be back at Purdue :)

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