Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ice is not Nice!

I know the word 'nice' needs the letters 'ice' to spell it, but I do argue that the adjective 'nice' should never be used with the noun 'ice.' Unless you're really hot or dehydrated and you add ice to your beverage to cool it down even more.

But it's December folks, so you can probably see where I'm going with this. December means pretty snow to highlight everything about the Christmas season. I'm not a snow-hater unless it is the dubious type of snow that covers up and hides sneaky, slippery ice patches in parking lots. Particularly ones beside my poor, innocent, sweet Gerdy (my car).

Ok - so I'm being a drama queen and I'll cut to the chase - I fell on the ice. And of course, the way I fell was in a compromising manner for my left knee. While I have a brand new ACL in my left knee, it can still be damaged and there is the possibility that I did something to it. Not completely sure, but usually new swelling and pain isn't a good thing.

So I'm going to 'baby-it' this week until I get home next week and then possibly go and see the doc if it doesn't go away by then. The whole ironic point of this all is that this week's physical therapy sessions were my last ones! So who knows what this all might bring?

So to snow this time, I do indeed say, "Bah-humbug!"

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