Monday, October 25, 2010


So I had a bit of 'retail therapy' yesterday with my friend Sarah Jay as we started her registry for her wedding and I've been doing plenty of physical therapy (everyday for the last 2 and half months), so now it is time for a little bit of writing therapy! :)

To use one of my favorite words, I've been redonculously busy. But it has been a good busy. I've actually allowed myself some 'me time' in the midst of my ever so crazy life at school, be it that most of that 'me time' comes on a bike in the Co-Rec, but instead of reading my homework all the time, I download a random or sappy romance to read on my wonderful Kindle :) Multi-tasking at its finest folks, reading for pleasure while working out!

Mortar Board has been a wonderful experience this semester! We have had a busy last two weekends in a row and we WON HOMECOMING! Well, both the Boilers and Mortar Board that is. We won the window painting contest and then also the overall best student organization that did both a window and float, so I'm pretty stoked about that. Plus my mom painted my senior cords, as in corduroy pants, and they looked killer. If there had been an award for that, I pretty much would have won it - hands down :)
I love getting to know these wonderful people and have the opportunity to impact Purdue's campus in a positive way. I am so blessed to be a part of this organization!

Oh - some big news - I HAVE A JOB! Like a real-life, big-person, grown-up kind of job when I graduate. I am excited and feel old at the same time. I took my offer from John Deere to be a marketing rep starting in June, so it is nice to know that there will be something waiting for me after I walk the stage. I have no idea where I'll be and who knows how long I'll be with the company? They'll have better luck keeping me around if they put me in Texas or Indiana, just saying.

Ok - therapy session complete! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and happy Halloween everyone!

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