Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hanging in There

Being laid up is not a whole lot of fun, but with a positive attitude, lovely parents/nurses, movies and pain meds - I've made it work.

The docs were very happy with the work that they did. It was textbook the way the operation went and I recovered rather nicely in recovery. No major upsets, except for my tummy on Thursday night - you can get the picture.

The docs were really impressed with my mobility the next day after my surgery and my 'chipper' attitude. Folks, I don't have that long until classes start up, so I'm doing the best I can without pushing it too much. I have a few friends that would be down my throat if I hurt myself more by just trying to get better faster.

It's been nice to spend time with my family though through all of this and I'm really excited that Ben and Eva are up here for the weekend as well. Ben is preaching at church in the morning and mom and dad are giving their witnesses or faith stories. I'd love to go to both services, but my little jaunt out to Blockbuster and GFS wore me out enough today, so I think one service will be quite enough :)

So I'm taking 'each step' rather slowly these days, on my way to full recovery!

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